J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 officially debuted and released a hidden colorway, making fans excited. The overseas customization team used this color scheme as inspiration and integrated it into the recent Nike Kobe 6.

The overall large area of ​​​​black coverage and the gradient rainbow embellishment at the heel are very eye-catching.

The snake scale design on the upper is retained, giving it a full Mamba look. How about customizable color matching? This colorway is not available for sale yet, but there are many different colors available on our recommended online sites. This is a manufacturer that specializes in wholesale Kobe shoes, so be sure to bookmark and follow them.

The "white and red" Air Jordan 5 that debuted in 2013 has not been reproduced for 10 years. I believe that players who have this old pair of shoes will inevitably suffer from oxidation and yellowing. Have you already plastic-sealed them as shown in the picture?

To say which color of Air Jordan 6 everyone is most looking forward to, it is probably this pair of "Sakura". It has been 9 years since the last re-engraving, and the demand for re-engraving is also very high. In addition to being one of the original colors, Sakuragi's experience of "buying" shoes in "Slam Dunk" is even more talked about.

At the beginning of 2023, Jordan gave everyone a heads-up, that is, the Gamma Blue AJ11 will not return. Fortunately, at the end of the year, shoes of this level like the BRIC AJ11 will be re-engraved, which can be considered gratifying.

After ten years, the Air Jordan 12 finally returned in the "playoffs" last year. The affordable market price has made many players realize their dreams. I hope Jordan can arrange the "Golden Buckle" AJ12 that debuted in 2013.

We are about to enter 2024. It is almost six years since the "Panda" Air Jordan 13 debuted in 2018, and it has basically entered the range of replicas. The classic black and white color scheme will never get tired of it, and the extremely popular "Panda" AJ13 must be a must-have for many people.

Classic Jordan shoes get reissued after a while. These pairs this time are also everyone’s favorite. Released cheap Jordans online, provide you with the latest information. This is a happy country, and everyone is welcome to comment and exchange ideas.

Jordan Brand has indeed reissued a lot of good shoes in the past two years. From the "Chicago" AJ1, "White Cement" AJ3 to the "White and Blue" AJ4 that will debut next year, they are all classic shoes that everyone dreams of.

The "black and red forbidden" AJ1 has returned in two different textures, patent leather and silk, in the past two years, but many players still feel that it lacks a bit of OG flavor. The leather version of the "black and red forbidden" AJ1 was last reproduced in 2016. After 7 years, it has now reached the mark of more than 700 US dollars as the volume of goods is consumed.

The status of Air Jordan 1 in 2018 can be said to be at its peak, which directly tripled the market price of the "black and red toe" AJ1 that debuted at that time. In the blink of an eye, it has been nearly 6 years since they last appeared on the market. I believe that friends who did not buy it at the original price are still thinking about this pair of shoes.

Since the debut of the "white cement" AJ3, players have begun to look forward to the return of the "black cement".


The "Black Cement" AJ3 has returned in 1994, 2001, 2008 (CDP set), 2011, and 2018. I believe that this color matching will still be a hot commodity.

There are definitely many people who want the classic and versatile "white cement" AJ4. The 2016 model is now priced at US$600. And the appeal of this color scheme is so terrifying that the "Military Black" white cement AJ4, which is considered to be the replacement, is almost 400 US dollars.

It has been a full 10 years since the debut of the Fear series. The recently launched "Fear" AJ3 has only satisfied the wishes of a small number of players.


There has been no news about the other two models in the set. Among them, the AJ4 has a high demand for re-engraving, and it must be the color matching that many people have been thinking about.

 The re-engraving of classic Jordan shoes is a bonus for fans. Of course, cheap Jordans for sale this is what fans hope for. We are eager to serve shoe fans better and more.

Wholesale Jordan shoes are very popular among fashion enthusiasts, and we will continue to serve fans.

Next year, the model celebrates its 35th anniversary, and Jordan has a lot of big moves lined up. Among them, Air Jordan 4 “Military Blue”, which has returned after many years, is one of them. The latest renderings have been leaked recently. In addition to the shoe shape, the two details that everyone is most concerned about are the Nike Air heel and the Nike hangtag that comes with the shoe. Because it does not belong to the Reimagined series, there are no signs of oxidation on the midsole, and the entire pair of shoes is considered to be original. The combination of white and sky blue is particularly refreshing and very suitable for summer style. Wholesale Jordan 4 has become very popular in the past two years. The effect on the feet is indeed handsome, and it can be easily worn with a pair of trousers.