Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao, a left-handed boxer 169cm tall, is the strongest boxing champion in Asia ever and has won multiple world boxing and different-magnitude championships; he has lightning-fast speeds, and even more serious is his surprise. He took out the right palm to knock down the opponent, and the action was fast enough to be surprising; his speed not only fascinated the audience, but also attracted Kobe Bryant's gaze, creating an idea for the design of basketball shoes.


For the KOBE series manager Eric Avar, designing a pair of boxing boots or a pair of basketball shoes is not a problem, but it is necessary to create a pair of comfortable, lightweight and multi-directional protection for basketball players. The sole of cheap Jordans sale with artificial leather must not be Satisfying their requirements does not satisfy the creative director.

Each pair of KOBE series has its own unique innovative design, technology or technology. Eric Avar's design has always emphasized "Nature Amplified" to coordinate the natural movements of the body. He simply used the lines to draw a sketch of KOBE IX ELITE. "Nature Amplified" concept selected FLYKNIT material as the main structure of KOBE IX ELITE's shoe body.


The FLYKNIT technology was born in early 2012. It is mainly used in running cheap Jordan shoes. Using a single yarn to weave the entire upper, it not only creates the ultimate lightness effect, but also enables the design of a very complex shape to create more for the body. The unique weaving technology of cheap Jordans for sale can create a strong toughness, and the breakthrough design is crazy enough. The running movement is mainly based on linear motion. FLYKNIT weaving technology is also relatively simple. Creating a different size of weaving method and structure with a single piece makes the shoe body more flexible. However, the basketball needs multiple movements. Considering more horizontal support will bring more challenges to the KOBE IX ELITE design.


To extend the FLYKNIT technology to basketball shoes, cheap Jordans uses a new knitting method and machine. The design of KOBE IX ELITE can be combined with different yarns and fibers to match the ever-changing weaving techniques, imparting a sense of art and creating a gorgeous color. But at the same time greatly reducing the elasticity of FLYKNIT material, completely different from FLYKNIT uppers on running shoes, KOBE IX ELITE is obviously tougher, providing support for multi-directional foot activities.

When careful attention is paid to the FLYKNIT on the shoes, it is not difficult to find its weaving patterns. In order to provide support, KOBE IX ELITE applies different weaving methods and multiple layers of FLYKNIT at different locations to provide natural movement for the feet. However, when I was wearing for the first time, the upper was hard and I felt slightly uncomfortable in the flexed position. However, after the warm-up of the upper, it became slightly soft and the discomfort gradually disappeared.

The FLYKNIT in KOBE IX ELITE is the focus of the whole pair of shoelaces. Many people think that these Jordan shoes only have a gorgeous appearance; the design uses a multi-layer weaving method to combine different fiber materials to make the back of the shoe body more visible. See the black mesh structure and add support points to the shoe body.

If only relying on FLYKNIT uppers to provide the stability and support ability of the feet, I believe that the efficiency is not enough; the designer specially designed 6 sets of FLYWIRE on the shoe body, using the shoelaces as a fixed point to increase the supportability. When tightening shoelaces, the upper naturally fits the feet and brings out a stable effect, achieving the concept of "Nature Amplified".

The best part of FLYKNIT technology is lightweight and breathable. The soft FLYKNIT body gives a feeling of wearing like a sock. This is what the designer wants KOBE IX ELITE to feel.

KOBE IX ELITE is indeed very thin, able to shape the lightweight body, but the shape imitates the design of the boxing boots, has a very high shoe tube, increasing the overall weight; and the FLYKNIT in the body using multi-layer weaving technology, unfortunately, repeated weaving Yarn and fiber make FLYKNIT appear tight, so KOBE IX ELITE is not like FLYKNIT running shoes can be set in a number of mesh breathable mouth, only relying on the tongue on the vent hole slightly insufficient, breathability is no different from the general basketball shoes, This is a bit eclipsed.

FLYKNIT creates a thinner upper for the KOBE IX ELITE, which also reduces the stress on the feet. The usual size allows you to provide comfortable and fit results.


The previously launched FLYKNIT shoes, it is not difficult to detect the breathable mesh side of the cheap Air Jordans shoes, if you want to improve the design of FLYKNIT basketball shoes, improve ventilation is indispensable. There is no doubt that most FLYKNIT shoes can give the impression of wearing socks, but KOBE IX ELITE is difficult to provide this feeling; Support is very important for basketball shoes, so KOBE IX ELITE FLYKNIT design is also relatively hard , Although it can provide a completely fitting effect, it is difficult to bring the ultimate natural feeling. I can only describe it as a pair of very admirable basketball shoes. Perhaps the future FLYKNIT technology will be improved to bring players a real natural feeling.

The Infrared’’ color scheme, which was born in 1990, first appeared in the first edition of the Air Max 90. As one of the most classic colors in the history of the development of cheap Jordan shoes, “Infrared” has also been applied to major shoes over the past 20 years. On the other hand, it includes the popular Air Jordan series. A few days ago, Jordans sale re-engraved this upcoming Air Jordan VI "Infrared" color, above the classic middle tube outline, using high-quality white leather to form the upper and the Jumpman logo on the midsole and tongue. The shoelace clasp and the heel are combined with a conspicuous laser-red light, which is finally presented with a pale blue crystal grand bottom, which injects a new visual experience on the basis of the first year.

Cheap Air Jordans 1, patent leather black body, with white in the end, Swoosh, wing LOGO and tongue LOGO are made of gold and yellow, embellishment effect is very eye-catching.

Air Jordan 2 "Cement/Infrared" uses black and classic cement gray stitched upper, with a white midsole, details of the use of the infrared color embellishment, the Air Jordan 2 beautiful shoes perfectly represented.

The classic cement grey is the Air Jordan 4 style, and the infrared color is the color of the Air Jordan 6. It is now displayed on the Air Jordan 2 shoe type.

The Air Jordan 9 "Barons" in black and white color is simple and bright. The gray part of the shoe body also has a 3M reflective effect. Simple and elegant style, followed by the number 45 embroidery, this Air Jordan 9 is very easy to match and has many highlights. It is a not to be missed cheap Jordans sale shoes.

Air Jordan 6 "Carmine", a carmine-colored pair, is made of white and rouge red. The black midsole is equipped with a blue crystal outsole. The overall effect of cheap Jordans for sale is very eye-catching.

The Ferrari-shaped Air Jordan 14 will return, including a black suede upper with yellow and white details, and a white leather upper with a black toe cap.

Air Jordan 6 GS "VALENTINE'S DAY", the silver body decorated with pink details, with black insoles and crystal outsole, the pink basketball love symbol is particularly eye-catching.

Cheap Jordans 3 "Infrared 23", the body of the shoe is similar to the white cement, and the white upper is matched with the classic black and gray burst crack. The difference is that the inner lining and the tongue are made of black, and the details of the infrared color are embellished. 

The red suede version of cheap Retro Jordans 1 High OG not only reproduces the cheap authentic Air Jordans shoe type, but also has a good texture with the use of suede and leather. 9 hole shoelace hole, tongue Nike Air embroidery, Nike Air outsole, heel is also not trapeze LOGO, red shoes with white Swoosh and outsole, the details are also made of white, the overall texture is strong and full of vitality.

Comes from the valuable collection of Dependable Jay, a PE shoe collector. This O'Neal's PE version of the Air Jordan 9 uses the Lakers' classic color scheme, with a white-violet matching upper and yellow details, followed by O'Neal's Lakers Jersey 34.

Cheap Jordans 3 "Powder Blue" with powder blue color, the matching slippers have landed in the United States Nike Store. This pair of slippers has a combination of powder blue and grey, embellished with a burst of grayish blue and black, and the sole is the classic Air Jordan 3 sole.

The anthracite-colored Air Jordan 1 Retro '94 incorporates the air Jordan 10's body design, and the black upper, fabric and tongue are referenced to the Air Jordan 10 design. Cheap Jordans sale with red outsole, lace and lining.

The new color of Air Jordan 1 Mid uses different shades of blue to form the upper, and the combination of suede and leather is full of texture.

The grayish orange color of the air Jordan 1 Mid's grey shoe body is made of tanned leather and leather. The orange wing LOGO, trapeze LOGO and big bottom are decorated. The whole pair of cheap Jordans for sale is full of vitality.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid "YOTH" specially designed for the Chinese Year of the Horse still uses the same dark horse elements as the Jordan Melo M10 in its design concept. The dark shoe body has a strong texture, and the decorative colors make the overall effect. Very eye-catching.

The Air Jordan 10 "Bobcats" of the Bobcats match a light gray upper with a black midsole and tongue. The laces and embroidered heels of the heel are created in sky blue, which continues the texture of Air Jordan's 10-generation shoes. The crystal outsole used is decorated with atomic orange, which is full of vitality.

The Air Jordan 10 "Cool Grey/Infrared" features a cool grey upper with a black midsole and an infra-red accent detail on the sole. The overall texture is strong, low-key and eye-catching. This Air Jordan 10 "Powder Blue" features a classic black and white silhouette on the body and a detailed blue sky accent. The overall effect of cheap Jordan shoes is simple and dynamic.

Air Jordan 11 Low Sample, body made of red patent leather and fabric, with a white midsole and tendon color outsole.

Cheap Air Jordans 2 Infrared/cement grey color matching, the upper is made of black and classic cement gray stitching, with a white midsole, the details of which are decorated with infrared colors, the Air Jordan 2 beautiful shoe type is perfectly represented.

The classic cement grey is a style commonly used by Air Jordan 4, and the infrared color is the representative color of Air Jordan 6. This Air Jordan 2 fuses the features of different generations and may also be a product of the Lab element series.

Cheap Retro Jordans 1 Hi OG uses a leather and suede combination with a good texture. The all-red body has a white Swoosh, a flying wing LOGO and a large bottom, a 9-hole shoelace hole design, and a Nike Air embroidery on the tongue. . The overall sense of luxury is strong and classic elements make it more attractive.

Miami's Christmas game against the Lakers is still in full swing, Jordan Brand exposed Ray Allen's exclusive Air Jordan 16 PE "Christmas" Christmas color. This Air Jordan 16 has a green upper, with an orange-washed midsole and "RAY 34" embroidery on the upper, which shows the identity of the owner.

The black upper is decorated with Air Jordan 3Lab5 "Infrared" with infrared detailing. The materials used of cheap Jordans for sale are well-textured and the dark-coloured shoes are particularly eye-catching under the infrared color. They are low-key and quite dynamic.

The white patent leather upper, Air Jordan 10 GS with black and red details, is a simple and bright overall, with black and red accents.

Cheap Air Jordans XX8 SE dark blue / orange color, the overall use of dark blue shoes body, the details of the eye-catching orange-red dotted.

Gamma Blue Air Jordan 1 Mid "Gamma Blue" uses gamma blue leather and grey suede to form the upper, and the Swoosh body has black suede gamma-blue edges.

Cheap Jordans 10 "Bobcats" of the Lynx color match, the cool grey upper with black midsole, and the detail in orange-red.

The big red cheap Jordan shoes 6 "Toro/Infrared 23", the red upper is very festive, the details are decorated with black, equipped with a blue crystal outsole.

The reprinted version of the Air Jordan 6 "Infrared" features a white leather upper with a red laser midsole, and the outer sole features a blue crystal sole that is the same as the Air Jordan 5.

Anthony's first-generation boots Jordan Melo 1.5 Nuggets were officially released on January 4, 2014. This ten-year-old sneakers was released in 2014 to release a variety of color combinations. Jordan Melo 1.5 was born in 2004. The design was inspired by Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2. The combination of the two created this 1.5-generation sneaker. Not only did Air Jordan's LOGO and Wings sign on the body of the shoe, but Anthony's personal elements were also reflected in the details.

Westbrook wore a white, blue, and red Air Jordan 10 "Christmas" PE on the court. The white upper was matched with a blue midsole and mesh, and the details were red.

Nick Young performed brave in the Christmas War. His shoes were also very special. A white and purple Air Jordan 11 Low White/Purple, purple patent leather with white uppers and midsole, was quite the color of the Lakers.