The cheap Air Jordan 34 is a brand new basketball shoe, its design is different from other sneakers, there is not so much demand on the value of the shoe or even the various technologies and gimmicks on the shoe, but the simplicity is the main focus, focusing on lightness, without sacrificing stability on the premise of sufficient protection of the ankle, with a lightweight basketball shoe allows players to have faster, higher and more explosive power on the court. The quest for optimal athletic performance has resulted in one of the lightest basketball shoes in Jordan's many collections, and it comes in a variety of colorways, all of which are very bright. For example, "Blue Void", "Crispy", "Paris" and so on.

Of course, this shoe is not completely without borrowing other excellent elements of the Jordan series, the grid elements on its upper and the Flight lettering on the tongue are borrowed from the Air Jordan 4 design; and the overall shape is similar to the Air Jordan 2009, can be said to be the perfect blend of retro style and futuristic, and for the first time in the mid-sole uses new black technology. The Eclipse Plate, which replaces the previous Flight (Speed) Plate technology, gives the Air Jordan 34 a level of performance that surpasses its predecessors, and the Eclipse Plate device features a bold shape and flexible nylon material that removes excess material, giving it a technical feel that satisfies everyone's needs. Expectations. In addition, the special placement of the Eclipse Plate enhances the wearing experience of the Zoom Air air cushion, providing better cushioning and bounce. In addition, the use of cicada-wing material, which is transparent and smooth, gives the shoe a unique and distinctive look. The herringbone pattern on the out-sole is not a simple design process; it is the result of Jordan Brand's design and development team collecting a lot of athletes' foot data and adjusting the design of the out-sole to fit the shoe's shape and performance, providing athletes with better grip and control and reducing the possibility of slipping due to fast running or turning and jumping. The heel pays homage to the evolution of the classic Air Jordan 4s from 30 years ago to the Air Jordan 34. The TPU on the outside of the toe provides stability against rollover, while the heel is thickened with padding for a more wrapped and secure fit at the ankle.

The Jordan Brand's success in the last century is due to the futuristic and avant-garde design of the shoe, in addition to Michael Jordan's influence on the world. Even designs from decades ago don't feel dated, but rather more modern or retro. With the cheap Air Jordan 34, this long-lost feeling is once again present, with new shapes, design concepts, and black technology, every reason to go into the store and try these shoes on. The Air Jordan 34 is an Air Jordan 34 dedicated to the pursuit of the purest, most extreme performance, how can it not be loved by the public?

Since the 16th generation, cheap Jordan basketball shoes have not only retained the characteristics of previous generations, but also carried out bold innovations in these classic designs.

Cheap Jordan 16: released in 2001. This sneaker combines the characteristics of previous generations of sneakers, such as: patent leather toe from AJ11, visible air cushion and mesh material from AJ5, translucent outsole from AJ6, and bold innovation and continuation of these classic designs. The detachable magnetic shoe cover design and the new Blow-molser Air cushion are not only more fashionable and novel in appearance, but also have excellent air permeability and flexibility. The upper is made of mesh material and suede. The thickened design of the mouth and the blown air cushion make the ankle better protected, and it has a good sense of speed and cushioning.

Cheap Jordan 17: released in 2002. The first impression of this sneaker is that it is luxurious and luxurious. The shoe box is designed with metal texture and embossed trapeze logo. At the same time, in the middle of the shoe, the looming trapeze logo in the blue TPU layer and the word Jordan on the silver heel stabilizer are both performance and appearance. The classic design reached the peak of the price of sports shoes at that time. The upper is made of excellent fabric materials and synthesis. The design and technology of the shoe cover have followed the design features and methods of the 16th generation of sneakers. Both use the forefoot Zoom Air cushion and the rear sole of the new Blow-molser Air cushion. , Lightweight Phylon midsole, full TPU tray.

Cheap Jordan 18: came out in 2003. At the same time, Jordan once again returned to the game to bid farewell to his career for the last time. The upper is made of a whole piece of suede, and there is no trace of stitching, and the hidden lace system makes the overall feel of the upper excellent. The tongue connects the top of the shoe with the skin on the upper with a strong magnet, which is not only very innovative, but also ensures the integrity of the shoe body. Both sides of the tongue and ankle are designed with metal mesh material, which has good support and ventilation. The thicker design of the shoe mouth and the application of Lycra fabric bring more comfort. Technically, the technology of the 16th generation of sneakers is still continued, while the new CCCP technology is added, so that the performance of the sneakers has reached the peak of the Jordan series. The AJ18 is the last pair of shoes that Jordan wore on the court. Both in terms of performance and appearance, they reached the extreme of Air Jordan series.

Cheap Jordan 19: released in 2004. The design of this sneaker is inspired by the most toxic and fastest black mamba snake in the African world. Like the 14th-generation sneakers, this pair of sneakers is a metaphor for Jordan's style on the court. The surface of the sneakers uses a woven shoe cover made of snakeskin. In addition, the hard plastic fibers used can protect the instep from excessive deformation and cause injury, and will not hinder the user from any reasonable movement of the instep during exercise due to its own toughness.

Cheap Jordan 20: The appearance is simple and stylish, with a strong retro style. Although the whole shoe looks heavy, it looks very smooth. The body of the shoe draws on the design of the second generation of Jordan, and the sense of patchwork is obvious. The ankle part has the shadow of Hurache 2K4, and the heel part adopts the elements of the PUMA shoe retro series. A laser-patterned upper was selected for the upper. It is not difficult to find that there are almost all previous Air Jordan series shoes on it, including Jordan No. 45, and even the classic Ferrari logo on the AJ14 is scanned on the shoe with laser.

In summary, after decades of development, the cheap Jordan series has become more and more mature in both appearance design and technology. The choice of performance is more scientific, comfortable and protective, and it is more in the field of basketball shoes. Our cheap jordan shoes has a pivotal position. Many cheap Jordans for sale free shipping on this website.

From the 12th generation of Jordan, Jordan basketball shoes have become mature in terms of improving the comfort and shock absorption of the foot.

Wholesale Jordan 12: came out in 1996. In order to better protect the ankle, this shoe uses duraback material and natural leather upper in the selection of materials. It was also the first pair of Jordan shoes to use full-length zoom air cushions, and all subsequent Jordan shoes used zoom air. This kind of air cushion has better response speed and shock-absorbing stability, which is beneficial to improve the continuous ability of players to run and bounce. In addition, for the first time, I couldn't find any logo on the Nike logo (excluding Jordan Retro) on Jordan shoes. On the insole, it was replaced with a jumpman logo for the first time.

Wholesale Jordan 13: came out in 1997. At this time, Nike officially separated the Jordan trademark as an independent brand from Nike and established an independent subsidiary. The shoe sole is designed to resemble animal claws, which is very similar to the sole of a cheetah; the upper is combined with leather, synthetic leather and nylon cloth, which reduces weight and improves toughness. The biggest feature is that a holographic radiation icon with basketball, number 23 and trapeze logo is designed on the outside of the shoe upper.

Wholesale Jordan 14: released in 1998, at this time Jordan has retired. This design combines the characteristics of Ferrari and Trapeze. The outer layer of the tongue is turned over and the inner layer is made of flannel, which is more lightweight and comfortable. The pores on the upper have the best effect and are very breathable. The design of low outside and high inside is used for the back help, which is comfortable and safe. The sole draws lessons from the bottom of the tire, and uses a conservative "herringbone" pattern combined with wear-resistant rubber to make the outsole, which has strong friction and grip. In addition, for the first time, shoelaces with metal buckles are used.

Wholesale Jordan 15: came out in 1999. The design of this sneaker is inspired by the F-15 fighter and Jordan himself. The front and rear split zoom Air cushions are used, the front and rear palms are widened, the upper is made of leather and WOVEN woven material, and the reverse tongue design is designed according to Jordan's habit of sticking his tongue out. The heel is printed with a row of 23, 6, 15 The numbers represent Jordan's jersey number, the number of championships and the model of the shoe. At the same time, the trapeze logo and 2.17 (Jordan's birthday) are printed on the sole. The entire pair of shoes is designed with shoe covers to make it easy to put on and take off. AJ15 is a shoe that Jordan hasn't worn since AJ9, but because Jordan wore a reissue of AJ9 in subsequent games, AJ15 is the only pair of Air Jordan series basketball shoes that Jordan has never worn in an official game.

In summary, Our wholesale Jordan basketball shoes from China continue to improve in technology and appearance, not only attracting basketball fans, but also popular among ordinary people.

Jordan basketball shoes have entered the golden heyday since the 9th generation. After the 11th generation was launched, they gradually transitioned to modern basketball shoes and became a watershed between new and old basketball shoes.

Jordan 9: Introduced in 1994, it was the only pair of Jordan shoes that hadn't been worn on the court before Jordan retired for the second time. At this time, Jordan has impressed players all over the world. The 9th generation put the trapeze logo with the earth on the heel design, symbolizing the trapeze flying over the entire earth. The patterns on the soles express the meaning of the world in English, Chinese and Japanese respectively. There is not much innovation in technology: Air sole is still built-in, and the protruding part of the forefoot edge is used to increase stability. It is worth mentioning that Jordan's jersey in the Baseball League was No. 45 at the time. Nike issued a special limited edition of 45 pairs of 9th-generation baseball shoes with "No. 45". These shoes have become sky-high prices. At this point, really entered the golden heyday of Jordan basketball shoes. Since its release, this shoe has been refurbished many times. Jordan 9 has more than 36 color combinations, the most popular are "Bred", "Space Jam" and "Anthracite".

Jordan 10: Launched in 1995. Soon after, Jordan returned to the game. The appearance of this sneaker looks more concise and generous. The trapeze logo has also turned to the sole and heel, and has reduced the proportion of the logo; technically it still continues the characteristics of previous generations, using built-in air cushion, shoelace buckle adopts elastic belt design The belt is still round, and the heel is added with a loop for lifting shoes, which is more attentive in the detail design. It is worth mentioning that Jordan’s honor and special experience from 1985 to 1994 are recorded on the sole.

Jordan 11: Launched in November 1995, it is Jordan's battle boots for the 95-96 season. It has an important position in the Jordan series. It can even be said that the 11th generation is a watershed between new and old basketball shoes. It uses patent leather as the upper material for the first time, and at the same time uses the full palm built-in air cushion technology for the first time, plus the midsole full palm carbon fiber support plate, so that the entire pair of shoes can achieve the best shock absorption effect and reduce the burden on the knees. The outsole of the shoe is made of crystal rubber, and the entire bottom is transparent. It has a strong grip when the surface is clean, but it is easy to oxidize and turn yellow under long-term light. The shoe body is made of mesh fiber material, which greatly reduces the weight of the shoe body and is the lightest one in the Jordan series.

In summary, Jordan basketball shoes have entered a new era.