The sudden emergence of cheap Jordans is not a global phenomenon. This kind of change is the fastest and most obvious in the Chinese market. In the past two years, it has suddenly appeared as a "new player", but in the United States, the culture behind the cheap Jordans shoes, it was born and gradually infiltrated in the 1900s and is already rooted in the American native culture.

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In 1917, the rubber canvas shoes brand Converse ignited the sneaker culture. After several developments, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star series became the starting point for the sneaker culture. This is why today's simple and seemingly ordinary rubber sneakers are still in this era. One of the most popular shoes.

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In the future development, it must be said that the popularity of the cheap Jordans sale culture is largely influenced by the light of the basketball itself. Numerous great basketball players have used their own legendary stories to coat the sneakers that accompany them. gold. Among them, the most influential non-Michael Jordan is none other. His endorsement of cheap Air Jordans is a classic brand in basketball shoes. When a large number of fans imitate Michael Jordan's style and technology, the dress has become the object of imitation. Even the bald head that he was the first to leave in the league was later imitated by a group of people in the NBA.

When the Air Jordan series played in Jordan, almost every pair of shoes had its own special story. Ben Osborne, editor-in-chief of the American basketball magazine SLAM Dunk, commented on Air Jordan1: "Unless you have really experienced that era, it is difficult to explain to you the enthusiasm caused by Air Jordan 1. This experience can't just be Oral, but you want to not only really love a sport, but also really fall in love with the person who is engaged in sports, and the sport and the fashion trend that that person leads."

Air Jordan 11 and the legendary 72 wins and 10 losses, Air Jordan 12 and the flu battle, Air Jordan 13/14 and Jordan's last season and last shot, these classic scenes on the court are part of the goal shoe culture, consumers bought A pair of shoes, also bought behind the story, is a collection of classic history.

American street culture is derived from several sports, such as skateboarding, street basketball and street dance. During the period from 1998 to 1999, the whole environment of street culture has taken shape. Sneakerhead, the shoe sales platform Steven Cui said in an interview with the interface news.

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So from this level, the cheap Retro Jordans culture is one of the typical and one of the earliest cross-border cultures. The traditional definition of a pair of basketball Jordans shoes sale is a sneaker that can only appear on the basketball court. It is protective and has a solid image. And a pair of shoes that can form their own sneaker culture must not only be limited to the basketball game. He can meet the hard requirements of basketball without losing the trend and design sense through his own design.

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The design of the cheap Authentic Jordans is intertwined with the popular cultures such as street and hip-hop. For example, the classic Air Force 1, as the first pair of basketball shoes with air cushion cushioning, is still the iconic wholesale Jordans sale in the street. The presence, or high or low gang, or strap design, or Fuse upper, or suede upper, allows the classic sneaker culture to penetrate into the lives of ordinary people in a variety of forms.

But such a culture has only just begun in China. Steven said that with the iteration of the Chinese entertainment industry, variety shows such as Hipple in China began to appear, bringing a wave of trendy brands with strong cultural attributes,  China is now replicating the popular culture of the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s."

However, the Chinese environment of fast food consumption and the United States in the late 1990s are still very different. The particularity of China's fashion industry environment will inevitably bring many problems.

In addition to the release of the 2018 Jordan NBA All-Star jersey, cheap Jordans "Future Flying" event also shows the four major product categories that the brand will focus on in the future - Jordan Sportswear, Jordan Women, Russell Westbrook signature shoes Why Not Zer 0.1, and the cheap Air Jordans series.

In the past three decades, basketball culture has gradually become a force that continues to influence the trend of high fashion. Cheap Authentic Jordans Sportswear selects classic shoes and apparel to help the future fly as a concept, using modern technology, quality materials and the current popular cutting methods to create a series of products that meet modern aesthetics for consumers.

In 1988, Michael Jordan's Air Jordan III "Black Cement", which was worn in the NBA All-Star Game, will return in a complete first year, including the "Nike Air" logo.

Michael Jordan pushed the limits of human vacancy to a new level with his free-throw line dunk in the 1988 dunk contest. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic moment, the Air Jordan III White Cement NRG adds a translucent sole to the first year, decorated with a red stripe that represents MJ's "takeoff" position.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Air Jordan III, Tinker Hatfield's first draft of the Air Jordan III will be incarnate and made public for the first time.

Following the success of cheap Jordan shoes I Flyknit, the Air Jordan III will be the next classic shoe to be combined with one of today's most advanced upper materials, Nike Flyknit.

Building on the black and white theme of the 2017 Jordan Sportswear Fall collection, City of Flight also adds local elements to Los Angeles. Highlighted by the Los Angeles roadblock-inspired typographic design, the City of Flight collection embodies the evolution of contemporary sportswear while loyal to the basketball culture.

The 2018 Spring Women's Collection will showcase women's colorful lifestyles with three carefully crafted shoes: Air Jordan I Hi Zip, Air Jordan I Season of Her and Women's Air Jordan XII.

Drawing on the classic elements of cheap Retro Jordans I's design, transforming the needs and preferences of female consumers, Air Jordan I Hi Zip performs a fashion interpretation of one of the most classic models of the Air Jordan series – zippered upper design High-quality leather, the red first-year style Nike Air label on the tongue, and the insole for further cushioning – this new Air Jordan I shoe will be available worldwide on March 8.

The Air Jordan I Season of Her collection combines luxurious satin fabrics, high-quality fur and unique color schemes to create a powerful fashion statement that has a strong response outside the stadium. Designed to showcase the colorful lifestyle of women, the Air Jordan I Season of Her series is at the forefront of the trend.

As one of the most gorgeous shoes in the cheap retro Air Jordans series, the Air Jordan XII features an upgraded version of the original color-finished leather as the upper, complemented by eye-catching gold hardware accessories, designed for women.

Why Not Zer 0.1, a new member of Westbrook's signature shoe collection, is perhaps one of the best shoes on the market that combines sports and style.

For Russell Westbrook, who grew up in Los Angeles, the 2018 All-Star Game and Why Not Zer 0.1 "City of Flight" color scheme are the symbols of his hometown. In order to raise his pay tribute to this city, "City of Flight" color map of Los Angeles will be printed on the upper and tongue around each decorated with "LA" and "RW" word.

This marshmallow-like shoe with Orange Pulse, Hyper Royal and Sail is designed to pay tribute to Westbrook's childhood with his father. “All cotton” is the father's name for a perfect hollow shot.

To pay tribute to the classic and heritage of the cheap Jordan sale, Why Not Zer 0.1 will also be presented in the iconic "Bred" color scheme.

Inspired by the essence of the Air Jordan II shoe, the Air Jordan XXXII represents a new phase in the evolution of the Air Jordan shoes sale series.

The Air Jordan XXXII Low "Free Throw Line" is inspired by Michael Jordan's famous 1988 dunk contest. To pay tribute to Michael Jordan's pair of white/cement gray color air Jordan III, Air Jordan XXXII Low "Free Throw Line" printed delicate cracks on the upper. The red "3:51" lettering on the translucent outsole represents the time displayed by the timer on the classic photos taken in 1988 when MJ staged a free throw line dunk.

The interest of big boys is games or sneakers, among which cheap Jordans shoes are a popular collection of idiots. If you combine the game with the shoes, maybe even the boys will scream. At the E3 Game Show held in the United States, some people found Xbox speakers and supervisors wearing Xbox black and green color matching cheap Air Jordans I Mid shoes.

At the press conference, the shoes were made of suede by cheap Jordans sale. You can find the Xbox and Air Jordan logo on the upper and insole, and simultaneously launch four different color laces. The shoelace is printed with the Xbox logo. The most special thing is that the sole will glow green. 

"I know some people are not convinced, but I really like the operation of the Lakers," said the general manager of a West End team. "They have shooters. They have got several shooters in past drafts. Organizers are more critical and harder. turn up."

Last season, the Lakers made the three-point percentage, and their shots were even more worrying after getting a few players with poor shooting ability. Perhaps more organizers and faster pace can make the Lakers make up for this shortcoming. Last season they were the third fastest team in the league, scoring 22.6 points per game behind the Warriors. James last season's offensive and defensive conversion goal second in the league, second only to Russell Westbrook, his offensive and defensive conversion score of more than 400 points.

In addition, James has realized that his style of play needs to be adjusted as he ages in the next four years. James will be 34 years old this December. He has been studying how Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan changed their style of play at the end of their careers, from wing players to low-post players. Kobe had 5.5 low-post attacks at the age of 36 and 2.9 at 37. James's low post has been improving for 10 years, but he still tends to attack on the perimeter.

More playing time like Kobe and Jordan takes time and patience. According to sources, James told the magician that certain habits are difficult to change. However, James knows that as he grows in age and sports, he will launch more attacks in the paint, and reducing control over the ball is critical for him. Next season, a number 23 that is very different from the past will appear.

The ankle-style classic old-fashioned cheap Jordan shoes, also with the "old hurricane" loose pants and the old shoes on the feet. Cheap retro Jordans looks full of personality and guarantees comfort. The most classic black set is covered with a bright color coat. The shoes are selected with yellow sneakers embellished with white tones. It was also black tights and a short top, but black old shoes were chosen. Let the legs and feet have a visual connection and look like the legs are longer. The white lines make the whole set less top-heavy.

Since the cheap Air Jordans 1 "Black and Blue" re-enactment and the "Little Lightning" color distribution, the sluggish sneaker market has caused their prices to drop and fall, and the cheap Jordans sale players are graciously titled "Breakdown Blue". Some people even suggested that "Blue Storm" and "North Carolina Blue", which are also in the doldrums of market prices, are also closed.

Since then, the most classic take-off shoe type cheap Air Jordan 1 has the mysterious rule of "blueout".

However, due to the popularity of the Air Jordan 1 market this year, the huge demand caused the market price to take off across the board. Before the deadline, the "closed blues" in those years of the year all took off.

Although there is no feeling of color matching in the first year and a story to be relished, popular styles have always been lacking in topicality.

Since the release of the "Game Royal" color scheme at the beginning of the year, the title of "Little Lightning" has followed since it resembles the appearance of the Fragment joint name. After experiencing a persistently depressed market price, players do not seem to recognize this name, and think that "closed blue, small silly electricity" is more suitable for it.

Cheap Jordans, those years you said that Air Jordan 1 "Failed Blue", now they all take off with the "Blue Moon" released by the Sixth King series, but initially due to the buckling material, Not favored by OG shoe players. The relatively small amount of goods, as well as the effect of the good foot, also recently showed a good market potential.

OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 UNC

As the third color released by OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, it is based on the North Carolina blue. It is not as easy as the two younger brothers, and the market price is easily broken. Until recently, the host of the "New Rap" "Fat Tiger" was able to show its fiery degree and market value.

The Air Jordan 1 in the first year of color has a very special position in the hearts of many players.

The cheap Authentic Air Jordan 1 remains the most dominant shoe.

Because the cheap Jordan shoes are OFF-WHITE joint version of the sneaker blueprint, the recent price is also hot. As a tribute to the first year of Jordan's alma mater, more or less, we have planted the "North Carolina" plot in our hearts. When we write it, we will have a special selfishness. After it was released, we said: "There is a touch of blue. It is called North Carolina."

As one of the first year OG color schemes, Air Jordan 1 "Storm Blue" will only be re-registered after the sale. Will stay away from the first time after 30 years. The white upper and the blue border of the storm match each other, making people feel refreshed in the hot shoes market at the end of the year. After Air Rare made everyone slightly disappointed, these details are 100% loyal to OG's first year's shoes, perhaps the most valued.

Under the trend of "black and blue" and "small lightning" taking off, the price of similar color shoes has also risen.

This pair of Air Jordan 1 "Rare", which is also black and blue, is very controversial. Some people say that this pair is the shoe type that Jordan himself shot in the first year, but it has not been verified because of the age. The wing logo of the upper is replaced by the word "AIR JORDAN", and the Nike Air embroidery is also displayed at the heel, and the more lightning-like color scheme makes it take off in a low-key manner.

I believe that when you first look at these shoes, you must look at them. This pair is not a first-year shoe type, but an eight-hole shoe type. Due to the Air Jordan 1 OG color matching price taking off, many players began to focus on the eight-hole shoe type. And they are usually lower than the original price, the current secondary market is also very hot, and similar to the first year of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Chicago, black red, black ash have taken off.

The wasp color is also a tribute to Jordan's transformation from a player to a boss. I believe many fans have a unique feeling for it; for girls, the extremely small and fresh color is very suitable for summer wear. The highlight of this color scheme is that the outsole creates a crystal bottom in the form of lake blue and purple stitching, and the overall feeling is extremely refreshing. After a whole summer, its value doubles.

Cheap retro Jordans 1 has always been one of the most popular sneakers, especially in the last two years! However, in the recent very irrational market prices, I still recommends that everyone should rationally consume cheap Jordans for sale. At present, it seems that the blue Air Jordan 1 has got rid of the "closed" hat, called "take off blue".

Blue has always been a symbol of nobility, and its visual effect is very refreshing. Now it has become one of the popular colors, and it is welcomed by more and more people.