As a basketball fan, I'm sure we are all familiar with the Jordan sneakers. Had it not been for Jordan, today's NBA might not have such an unprecedented grand influence. If it weren't for Jordan, the sneakers wouldn't be something every hipster or personality would be talking about. From the AJ1 "ban" in 1986 to the AJ35 in 2020, Jordan's sneakers have been the focus of everyone's attention every year, each year bringing different surprises or scares. The Air Jordan 34, with its new mid-sole skeleton technology and lightweight advantages, has been popular with many fans since its launch. The cheap Air Jordan 35 is a fanatical favorite among partners or athletes, and with such a great previous influence, people have high expectations for the design and performance of the Air Jordan 35. Let's introduce the product below.

The cheap Jordan 35 has a mid-top shape design that continues the shape of the Air Jordan 34 and draws on the Air Jordan 5's design on the tongue, ankle and the outside of the heel in front of the shoe. The upper area of the shoe is made of suede or partially tumbled leather or leather, the details of which highlight the real combat excellent luxury texture, making the whole pair of shoes feel very good. The flighwire technology on both sides of the shoe body, like the fish bone material fixed on the shoe body parts, effectively improve the shoe's support performance. The highlight of this pair of shoes not only follows the Eclipse Plate mid-sole technology of the Air Jordan 34, but also upgrades it to Eclipse Plate 2.0, because this shoe adopts a higher cutout design in the mid-sole than the AJ34, using the Eclipse Plate can get more lateral stability and support and the unfolded footwear shape is also better than the AJ34. The Zoom Air Cushion is faster and more responsive than ever before. The herringbone design of the outer upper is complemented by rubber to ensure overall slip resistance. In addition, not only does the sneaker have the support of strong soccer spokespeople such as Tatum, Zion Williams, and Chinese soccer star Guo Allen, the Jordan brand also collaborated with Hiroshi Fujiwara to launch an exclusive co-branded colorway, which has received a good response from the market. Samurai", "Bayou Boys" and so on.

For more than 35 years, the philosophy of Jordan brand's combat shoe development has been to constantly use breakthrough innovative technology and the most functional design to help the best distance runners from all over the world. Although this basketball shoe is not as brilliant as its predecessor, the Air Jordan 34, at least it is moderate, using ergonomic concepts, in order to make the foot feel more comfortable, widen the out-sole, raise the ankle design, make the package more perfect, more stable, shock absorption and better grip, can bring you a full sense of security, not to let fans and friends step on the mine.