The cheap Air Jordan 34 is a brand new basketball shoe, its design is different from other sneakers, there is not so much demand on the value of the shoe or even the various technologies and gimmicks on the shoe, but the simplicity is the main focus, focusing on lightness, without sacrificing stability on the premise of sufficient protection of the ankle, with a lightweight basketball shoe allows players to have faster, higher and more explosive power on the court. The quest for optimal athletic performance has resulted in one of the lightest basketball shoes in Jordan's many collections, and it comes in a variety of colorways, all of which are very bright. For example, "Blue Void", "Crispy", "Paris" and so on.

Of course, this shoe is not completely without borrowing other excellent elements of the Jordan series, the grid elements on its upper and the Flight lettering on the tongue are borrowed from the Air Jordan 4 design; and the overall shape is similar to the Air Jordan 2009, can be said to be the perfect blend of retro style and futuristic, and for the first time in the mid-sole uses new black technology. The Eclipse Plate, which replaces the previous Flight (Speed) Plate technology, gives the Air Jordan 34 a level of performance that surpasses its predecessors, and the Eclipse Plate device features a bold shape and flexible nylon material that removes excess material, giving it a technical feel that satisfies everyone's needs. Expectations. In addition, the special placement of the Eclipse Plate enhances the wearing experience of the Zoom Air air cushion, providing better cushioning and bounce. In addition, the use of cicada-wing material, which is transparent and smooth, gives the shoe a unique and distinctive look. The herringbone pattern on the out-sole is not a simple design process; it is the result of Jordan Brand's design and development team collecting a lot of athletes' foot data and adjusting the design of the out-sole to fit the shoe's shape and performance, providing athletes with better grip and control and reducing the possibility of slipping due to fast running or turning and jumping. The heel pays homage to the evolution of the classic Air Jordan 4s from 30 years ago to the Air Jordan 34. The TPU on the outside of the toe provides stability against rollover, while the heel is thickened with padding for a more wrapped and secure fit at the ankle.

The Jordan Brand's success in the last century is due to the futuristic and avant-garde design of the shoe, in addition to Michael Jordan's influence on the world. Even designs from decades ago don't feel dated, but rather more modern or retro. With the cheap Air Jordan 34, this long-lost feeling is once again present, with new shapes, design concepts, and black technology, every reason to go into the store and try these shoes on. The Air Jordan 34 is an Air Jordan 34 dedicated to the pursuit of the purest, most extreme performance, how can it not be loved by the public?