Since the 16th generation, cheap Jordan basketball shoes have not only retained the characteristics of previous generations, but also carried out bold innovations in these classic designs.

Cheap Jordan 16: released in 2001. This sneaker combines the characteristics of previous generations of sneakers, such as: patent leather toe from AJ11, visible air cushion and mesh material from AJ5, translucent outsole from AJ6, and bold innovation and continuation of these classic designs. The detachable magnetic shoe cover design and the new Blow-molser Air cushion are not only more fashionable and novel in appearance, but also have excellent air permeability and flexibility. The upper is made of mesh material and suede. The thickened design of the mouth and the blown air cushion make the ankle better protected, and it has a good sense of speed and cushioning.

Cheap Jordan 17: released in 2002. The first impression of this sneaker is that it is luxurious and luxurious. The shoe box is designed with metal texture and embossed trapeze logo. At the same time, in the middle of the shoe, the looming trapeze logo in the blue TPU layer and the word Jordan on the silver heel stabilizer are both performance and appearance. The classic design reached the peak of the price of sports shoes at that time. The upper is made of excellent fabric materials and synthesis. The design and technology of the shoe cover have followed the design features and methods of the 16th generation of sneakers. Both use the forefoot Zoom Air cushion and the rear sole of the new Blow-molser Air cushion. , Lightweight Phylon midsole, full TPU tray.

Cheap Jordan 18: came out in 2003. At the same time, Jordan once again returned to the game to bid farewell to his career for the last time. The upper is made of a whole piece of suede, and there is no trace of stitching, and the hidden lace system makes the overall feel of the upper excellent. The tongue connects the top of the shoe with the skin on the upper with a strong magnet, which is not only very innovative, but also ensures the integrity of the shoe body. Both sides of the tongue and ankle are designed with metal mesh material, which has good support and ventilation. The thicker design of the shoe mouth and the application of Lycra fabric bring more comfort. Technically, the technology of the 16th generation of sneakers is still continued, while the new CCCP technology is added, so that the performance of the sneakers has reached the peak of the Jordan series. The AJ18 is the last pair of shoes that Jordan wore on the court. Both in terms of performance and appearance, they reached the extreme of Air Jordan series.

Cheap Jordan 19: released in 2004. The design of this sneaker is inspired by the most toxic and fastest black mamba snake in the African world. Like the 14th-generation sneakers, this pair of sneakers is a metaphor for Jordan's style on the court. The surface of the sneakers uses a woven shoe cover made of snakeskin. In addition, the hard plastic fibers used can protect the instep from excessive deformation and cause injury, and will not hinder the user from any reasonable movement of the instep during exercise due to its own toughness.

Cheap Jordan 20: The appearance is simple and stylish, with a strong retro style. Although the whole shoe looks heavy, it looks very smooth. The body of the shoe draws on the design of the second generation of Jordan, and the sense of patchwork is obvious. The ankle part has the shadow of Hurache 2K4, and the heel part adopts the elements of the PUMA shoe retro series. A laser-patterned upper was selected for the upper. It is not difficult to find that there are almost all previous Air Jordan series shoes on it, including Jordan No. 45, and even the classic Ferrari logo on the AJ14 is scanned on the shoe with laser.

In summary, after decades of development, the cheap Jordan series has become more and more mature in both appearance design and technology. The choice of performance is more scientific, comfortable and protective, and it is more in the field of basketball shoes. Our cheap jordan shoes has a pivotal position. Many cheap Jordans for sale free shipping on this website.