Air Jordan basketball shoes are a kind of sports shoes produced and designed by Nike brand based on Jordan personally, mainly basketball shoes. Because of its comfortable, stylish design and good protection performance, it is deeply loved by the majority of basketball fans.

The founder of Jordan basketball shoes is Michael Jordan. As the greatest player in NBA history, he has won six O'Brien Cups and led the Chicago Bulls to two great three consecutive championships. After signing a contract with Nike in 1985, Nike created his brand shoes-Jordan 1st generation. Since the introduction of the first generation of Jordan, it has been rushed by many people, and then many series have been launched. Today, Jordan shoes series has developed from Jordan 1 to Jordan 35.

Air jordan 1: mainly black and red, white as a supplement, plus hard rubber as the base and the original trapeze logo, compared with the sneakers of the time, it looks more unique. Although this pair of shoes is relatively heavy and its function is not much different from other sneakers at the time, it is indeed the beginning of an era. Cheap air Jordans for sale online.

Air Jordan 2: Produced in 1986, it was first divided into two styles, middle and low. As the most precious model in the Jordan series, the appearance is very simple and fashionable. The winged basketball is moved from the upper to the tongue. In addition, it is the only style in the Jordan series that does not have a black color scheme, which is especially precious. Although the soles are still hard and wear-resistant and have no technological content, they are still loved by many consumers. Cheap real Jordans for sale free shipping.

Air Jordan 3: officially launched in 1987, there are a lot of cracks on the upper, and the visible air cushion is used for the first time. It is placed on the back of the shoe. It is the true first generation of flying cushions, and the comfort is better than the first two. Relatively high in terms of generation. In addition, this is the first time that the Jordan series has adopted the flying man logo. Since then, this logo has been officially used on various products of the Jordan brand. Cheap Jordan shoes on sale from China.

Air Jordan 4: as a brand jointly created by Jordan shoes and Air Flight 89, it came out in 1989. For the first time, the upper of this shoe uses a combination of leather and nylon mesh. At the same time, it uses an exposed air cushion on the back of the foot and a cushioning rubber on the forefoot to reduce the weight of the shoe and improve the comfort of the foot. The effect of shoes and shockproof. In addition, it is the only pair of jordan basketball shoes with the word Flight, indicating that the Jordan shoe series is developing in the direction of lightweight and speed. Cheap Jordans for sale online.

Air Jordan 5: Appeared in 1989, this shoe uses a cleanable mesh surface, a special pattern of shark teeth on the outside of the forefoot midsole, and for the first time a translucent rubber outsole and reflective materials. And the design of the Jordan logo on the tongue makes the appearance more modern and beautiful. However, the translucent rubber outsole has relatively poor wear resistance and is easy to oxidize, which affects the appearance of the entire shoe. However, after continuous improvement, it was re-engraved in 2013, mainly in black, with purple and blue contrasting colors at the bottom, which is affectionately called "purple grape and black grape". Cheap Jordans for sale website online.

In summary, it is a brief introduction to Jordan's 1st to 5th generations. Although the development of the first five generations focused more on the appearance of shoes and the technical content was relatively low, they laid a certain foundation for the subsequent development of the Jordan series.