The interest of big boys is games or sneakers, among which cheap Jordans shoes are a popular collection of idiots. If you combine the game with the shoes, maybe even the boys will scream. At the E3 Game Show held in the United States, some people found Xbox speakers and supervisors wearing Xbox black and green color matching cheap Air Jordans I Mid shoes.

At the press conference, the shoes were made of suede by cheap Jordans sale. You can find the Xbox and Air Jordan logo on the upper and insole, and simultaneously launch four different color laces. The shoelace is printed with the Xbox logo. The most special thing is that the sole will glow green. 

"I know some people are not convinced, but I really like the operation of the Lakers," said the general manager of a West End team. "They have shooters. They have got several shooters in past drafts. Organizers are more critical and harder. turn up."

Last season, the Lakers made the three-point percentage, and their shots were even more worrying after getting a few players with poor shooting ability. Perhaps more organizers and faster pace can make the Lakers make up for this shortcoming. Last season they were the third fastest team in the league, scoring 22.6 points per game behind the Warriors. James last season's offensive and defensive conversion goal second in the league, second only to Russell Westbrook, his offensive and defensive conversion score of more than 400 points.

In addition, James has realized that his style of play needs to be adjusted as he ages in the next four years. James will be 34 years old this December. He has been studying how Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan changed their style of play at the end of their careers, from wing players to low-post players. Kobe had 5.5 low-post attacks at the age of 36 and 2.9 at 37. James's low post has been improving for 10 years, but he still tends to attack on the perimeter.

More playing time like Kobe and Jordan takes time and patience. According to sources, James told the magician that certain habits are difficult to change. However, James knows that as he grows in age and sports, he will launch more attacks in the paint, and reducing control over the ball is critical for him. Next season, a number 23 that is very different from the past will appear.

The ankle-style classic old-fashioned cheap Jordan shoes, also with the "old hurricane" loose pants and the old shoes on the feet. Cheap retro Jordans looks full of personality and guarantees comfort. The most classic black set is covered with a bright color coat. The shoes are selected with yellow sneakers embellished with white tones. It was also black tights and a short top, but black old shoes were chosen. Let the legs and feet have a visual connection and look like the legs are longer. The white lines make the whole set less top-heavy.