As everyone knows, Nike is now the absolute ruler in the world of basketball products. Through the signing of Jordan in the 1980s, they turned over and even surpassed Adidas. Today, Jordan is recognized as the first person in the Sneaker world. As for who is the man after God, "penny" Hardaway must be a candidate that cannot be ignored. His signature shoes "spray" is not inferior to the Air Jordan series. In fact, no one expected that the two Nike's top spokespersons will meet because of the same pair of shoes. They two had once on the same pair of shoes, making this pair of shoes very legendary.

Nike Air Flight One is a signature shoe belonging to "Penny" Hardaway. At that time, Hardaway was the first star of the magic, and his gorgeous play was countless. After Jordan retired in 1993, he also became the "Jordan successor" of Nike. Nike needs this new star to continue its glory over the past few years, so they quickly launched signature shoes for Hardaway. This pair of Nike Air Flight one is one of them, which is also the boots worn by Penny when it first entered the finals. In the years of the Magic, Hardaway was so popular. Later, Nike launched a "spray" for him, until now "spray" is the eternal classic of countless shoe fans.

Just as Hardaway was on the right track, Jordan announced that the king had returned, along with his Air Jordan. In the first season of his comeback, he met Hardaway in the playoffs. It is worth noting that Jordan actually wore the Nike Air Flight one in the third game of the Magic and Bulls series! That's right, it's the same shoes as Hardaway.

Before the game, Jordan tried to unveil the color of the shoes with his teammates, but his Air Jordan did not give him all-black shoes. So he could only find a pair of Nike black shoes, no one would have thought it would be a "penny" signature shoe.

Jordan, who just returned to the stadium, failed to stop the firepower of the "successor." Hardaway came to the end in the series with Jordan. He personally eliminated his predecessors and ran to the finals. This is a rare failure of Jordan's playoff career, and the only time Penny beat Jordan, so this pair of shoes also has a different heritage.

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