Cheap Jordans XIII "Black / Red"

Posted: 1998

When the Bulls put on their black shoes, his opponents will be struggling, as to who the opponent is, won the victory does not matter how many games. At that time MJ put on Air Jordan 13, he has won five NBA titles, no one can stop him from winning the sixth championship trophy. This Air Jordan 1 black and red uses the same material as other colors, and when it is on the court, it looks like a flint.

Cheap Air Jordans 1 "White / Gray"

Posted: 1985

In the 80's this lime-gray Air Jordan 1 is very popular. At that time NIKE paid 5,000 yuan for each MJ fine, because MJ wearing a dark red Air Jordan 1 to participate in the competition. But not all players are so lucky. This is but the best sneaker NIKE common players can have - cheap Jordans for sale style gray color.

Air Jordan II "White / Red"

Posted: 1987

Sports showed the whole picture on the side of the Air Jordan 2 titled Jumping Lizard, which originated from a lizard-like shoe body that was sold for $ 100. Italian Air Jordan 2 represents the pinnacle of luxury sports.

Air Jordan XII "Obsidian"

Posted: 1997

When MJ participated in the 97 All-Star Game did not wear this shoe, people are shocked. Jordan in the playoffs after wearing black and white match that pair, maybe he did not want to see this devil blue tone. Even without MJ on the court to show these shoes, this Air Jordan 12 "OBSIDIAN" is still a big love shoes.

Air Jordan IV "Military Blue"

Posted: 1989

This is not a navy color, it blends white and gray throughout the shoe body. Cheap Jordan sale is sold non-Bulls color cheap Jordan shoes are also very novel, this shoe was ranked in the last release of the Air Jordan 4 sequence.

Air Jordan XIV "Last Shot"

Posted: 1999

You can imagine a few months before the release of this shoe, MJ wear Air Jordan 14 black and red debut game brought a huge shoe storm. MJ put on these shoes in his career as a Bulls hit the last record lore, which may be the most meaningful moment in NBA history, but also the end of MJ's legendary career.

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

Posted: 1997

We're not talking about the Air Jordan 12 with the engraved Niubam fabric, but the Air Jordan 12 with the full-grain leather of the first year. This should be considered the playoff version of the Air Jordan 12, but in order to avoid being confused, we do not call it. Finally, we always wondered, is there any AIR JORDAN shoes are not attractive black and red color, the answer is no.

Cheap retro Jordans VIII "Black / Red"

Posted: 1993

In 1993, Nike realized that MJ needed to have a special version of the shoe color in the playoffs. This all-black Air Jordan 8 color, supplemented by color hue, is simply cool. 

Air Jordan XII "Taxi"

Posted: 1997

S sometimes the first is indeed the best, Air Jordan 12 TAXI black bottom white shoe appears, together with the gold buckle so that the whole pair of shoes look shiny. This shoe is so beautiful that it can not be described in words, and even Buckley has played in the game. I guess he lost to MJ on a golf bet.