There is a word in English "Sneaker", the original meaning is "rubber soles shoes", broad sense is "sports shoes." Today, a unique culture of shoes created a group of people who love and collect cheap Jordans shoes, these people are also known as "Sneaker." In Qingdao, there is a post-85 guy is a fanatical "Sneaker", he spent 10 years, collecting more than 100 pairs of Jordan shoes, many of them rare limited edition shoes and Jordan's signature shoes. Recently, he will carry collections in their own car line to do a shoe exhibition.

On the morning of April 14, the reporter arrived at a modified car dealership located in Yinchuan West Road and took to the second floor. At a glance, he was attracted to nearly a hundred pairs of basketball shoes placed on the table and in the display case. Reporter observed that most of these shoes are "Jordan" brand, from "Jordan 1" to "Jordan 20" everything. And the owner of these shoes Xin Yue handsome is busy cloth.

Xin Yue, 28 years old this year, Qingdao is a modified car dealer, but also a fanatical "Sneaker." He started collecting Jordan basketball shoes in 2004 and has collected more than 100 pairs in 10 years. "I was still in junior high school in 2002, because I like Jordan, I really want to buy a pair of very fire when the 'Jordan 12', then do not make money, I was ready to save money to buy. Has been saving for two years, in 2004 I Spent 1300 dollars to buy my first pair of Jordan shoes, "he told reporters," very cherish the shoes, put on after all stretched his legs, for fear of trampling. " After that, he began his own "Sneaker" road, every year will save money to buy several pairs of Jordan shoes, not to wear, only as a collection. "Jordan shoes a total of 23 pairs of Air Jordan, I only collect the first 20 generations, because Jordan had worn the first 20 generations of shoes," he said.

After graduating from college, Xin Yue handsome back to Qingdao venture, during which he used his own money to start a large collection of cheap Jordan shoes. "This is the world's limited edition of pure white 'Jordan 15' shoes, is a friend brought back from the United States, and now to 100,000 yuan I do not sell; This is the three pairs of limited edition signature shoes, is Michael Jordan autographed , Very collection sense ... ... "In the car dealers, Xin Yue handsome introduced to reporters one by one the value of these shoes. It is understood that genuine pure white 'Jordan 15' as a display shoes, the world's limited edition made a pair; and Jordan silver signature pen autographed "Jordan 6" shoes is even more valuable.

Appears in Wyatt handsome, the collection of cheap Air Jordans is actually a collection of feelings, collection of positive energy Jordan never give up. The purpose of his shoe exhibition is also to convey this feeling, while allowing more people to understand the "Sneaker" culture.

Xin Yue reporters the world's limited edition of 1331 pairs of Air Jordans, tongue can be seen from the sign "0315/1331" message.

In order to keep the best shoes, he often care for the shoes.