Michael Jordan, the mythology on the basketball court, the builder of the Bulls dynasty, and what people call a trapeze, also known as God. Jordan shoes, of course, its influence Needless to say, the price is also the same has been drastic change.

Nike sales in 1984 is not very much in urgent need of the pursuit of change, they found the fledgling Jordan, although Jordan actually wanted to sign up Adidas, but for the sake of the overall situation eventually agreed to Nike's request signed a 5-year 2.5 million US dollars contract, The first signature shoe designed for Jordan is the Air Jordan 1.

Cheap Jordans 1 is based on the Air Force 1 prototype design, removing the bulky Air cushion to the new Air Sole cushion, although people did not like these shoes even considered ugly, more and more color release people gradually discovered Its beauty, black and red forbidden to wear has become a topic of time, do not know has opened the prelude to Jordan shoes dynasty.

The most tide cheap Jordan shoes, Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2 of their own design is not satisfied with Nike quite preconceived he even thought about leaving, cheap Jordans III of success or not as Nike and Jordan can continue to cooperate key factors, Nike to find Well-known designer Tinker Hatfield, when Jordan saw the final shape of the Air Jordan 3, all this unhappiness will have vanished.

Jump-man logo began to be used from cheap real Jordans 3, the previous flying wing logo announced retirement, the perfect use of crack marks for the shoes plus a lot of visibility is the first cushion, Jordan leapt line free throw line is the Air Jordan 3 . Jordan 3 in the entire series status is one of the best, extremely wild features also gradually evolved into a pair of tidal shoes, not a pair of Jordan 3 can not be called influx of people.

90-91 season, Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 6 in the semifinals defeated the "Bad Boy Corps" Detroit Pistons, and in the finals with a total score of 4-1 immediately led the Magic Johnson Lakers won his first career championship , Air Jordan 6 also because of the title of the title of the championship looks different.

This pair of shoes also appeared in the second element, which is "Slam Dunk" quite a favorite shoe store owner, but also Yingmuhuadao excuses the stadium's first pair of boots. A few days ago Air Jordan X Slam Dunk also introduced a special version of the cherry wood boots, have to admit that because of the relationship between cherry trees made this generation is particularly popular.

Patent leather can be linked to basketball shoes, in the nineties must make people feel very crazy, Air Jordan 11 has completed this initiative, while the first use of carbon fiber board, carbon board has a better anti-torsion than the TPU Performance and lighter weight, grimace of carbon legend so many people obsessed that carbon plate later became a symbol of high-end shoes.

Cheap Air Jordan 11 to say how successful, it is known as "the greatest sports shoes in history," in the eyes of European and American black shoes fans, it is supreme and the most beautiful Jordan shoes. Whenever the Air Jordan 11 is on sale, it can set off a reign of terror and even a shoot-out.