Michael Jordan has the first pair of shoes in NBA, and they have too many stories. The NBA alliance told Jordan and told him: if you continue to play in these shoes, the penalty is $5000 a game. Smart NIKE, of course, can't let go of this good chance! (at that time NIKE was not a sports old man) NIKE gave Jordan a fine and made Jordan feel free to wear it. In this way, the fire of this pair of shoes is unmanageable. The age of signing a signature shoe.

"There is a" slam dunk master set is called "basketball shoes", then Sakuragi spent my entire savings of 30 yen in the shoe store owner forcibly took the shoes! A few horns to buy a limited number of shoes! This can only happen in two body.

JORDAN2 basketball shoes, the design is more able to protect the ankle than the generation! Jordan 1 "wings of basketball" pattern from the upper to the tongue. But the shape can only be poor! In the Air Jordan 1 big red blaze today, cheap Air Jordans 2 often appears in Oteri J and various discount stores! Classic color matching in the hands of shoe dealers, and often can not sell out a good price.

JORDAN3 is the first Jordan shoe that uses the flying man LOGO. It was sold in 1987 and loved by the fans. From then on, Air Jordan's flying man, LOGO, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The first use of the burst pattern was a great success, which was also a major event in the basketball shoes.

Cheap Jordan shoe 4, appeared in 1990, the shape and Jordan's three generation similar. But there's no bad performance. It is better to protect the ankles of the flying people's highness, and the anti rollover has also been upgraded. Classic match with classic color matching, no doubt this pair of shoes is cheap Jordans for sale early peak!  Now a lot of re - Engraved! But all the prices are very expensive! Red paint color engraved in 2016 once, when the price of 1999 yuan, the price did not affect its sales in the streets everywhere someone in the streets! Design 28 years ago on today is still wanted, sufficient to explain its success.

Replica Jordan shoes 5, and Jordan is 4 a year for sale! But it was the first time to use the reflective material! Let the shoes be full of personality. Air Jordan 5 is the fifth positive generation of basketball shoes of the Nike Jordan series. The flame patterns on the upper and the shape of the fighter are very popular. The team won the second best regular season results at that time (55 wins 27 negativity). Jordan is still scoring King (33.6), NBA best lineup and defensive best lineup, and steals the king. The highest single game scoring record of 69 points, then it is this pair of boots on the feet of Jordan!

Popular Japanese cartoonist Takehiko Inoue Jordan will be the 5 generation of boots to master "with" dunk protagonist aura with chuanfeng! It can be seen how the influence was at the time. This pair of shoes takes a lot of advantages and essence in the design of Jordan's 4. First of all, it is the clever use of mesh materials on the upper part. This is the innovative design of Jordan 4, and the designer of cheap Jordan 5 draws lessons from this successful design, which is called icing on the cake.