In addition to the NBA, the NCAA is also an important organization in the U.S. sports community, and its teams also enjoy a lot of exclusive color matching shoes. Recently, Oregon Ducks and Jordan Brand re-exposed the new color design. Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5 success as the previous topic to become the team's cooperation with Jordan Brand classic.

White mesh fabric and in the end, sketched out the charming figure of the Air Jordan 11, the iconic patent leather set this time to choose to show the navy, the same area has also increased, and white vamps against each other to build a fresh atmosphere, reuse University blue JUMPMAN and translucent ice blue outsole for details.

Super new color and classic color engraved complex, large sales volume, cheap Air Jordans shoes these two years bring the biggest change in the market. Of course, this marketing strategy also gave Nike company a very rich sales revenue, but everything has two sides, the increase in volume and style will make the shoes lose the "personality" of the label, will result in the loss of individual players, and in Resale, the decline in the collection of the market competitiveness.

It seems Air Jordan is about to make a new shift, so that once again return to the classic "limited" word.

The Portland Business Journal reports that Jordan brand president Larry Miller said they are tackling the issue of "putting too many products on the market," and asking consumers to trace scarce products is something that the Jordan brand should have had.

Trevor Edwards, president of the Nike brand, mentioned in a previous conference call that there are plans to make cheap Air Jordan shoes even more limited. He said it is important to maintain the balance between sales and scarcity, and make sure Jordan is a fascinating brand. He also said the Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" engraved at the end of last year was the largest and most successful shoe sale in Nike's history.

Jordan Brand in October when released a new color of the Air Jordan 16 CEO tribute to the trapeze Jordan. Shoes color and the 2017 NBA All Star Week All Star similar to the use of large black suede with green patent leather, insole is printed with hexagonal diamond honeycomb pattern identity. The shoes on the global limited release 2300 pairs, each pair of tongue with an independent number.

In the same month, Jordan Brand created a pair of Air Jordan 11 "Jeter" do not note color in celebration of the retirement of New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. The shoes have no external market plan, but the majority of shoe fans can lottery site through the stadium scratch the lottery won this pair of limited edition shoes, it is reported that only limited production of 5 pairs .....

"Feel the path again, certainly not as good as a few years ago, a few years ago out of a pair of double row cheap retro Jordans was a blowout in China and there was no competition, Adidas even the power to fight back, and now cheap Jordans for sale Engraved basic engraved round, the buy have bought, competitors also rise, you can not buy today, tomorrow I may measure the money in the end is to buy Air Jordan right or what to buy appropriate. Seemingly very reasonable, but I do not agree. As a shoes fan, I still feel that buying several pairs of my favorite cheap Jordan is the most important thing ...