The green color on the upper of the Air Jordan 11 is actually the classic uniform color of the Michigan State Spartans. This particular pair was created as an exclusive PE (Player Exclusive) colorway for the Spartans, making it extremely rare and a top-tier collectible.

Wholesale air Jordan 11 sneakers are highly sought after for their iconic design and cultural significance, making them a lucrative option for retailers looking to tap into the sneaker market.

In addition to its unique colorway, the Air Jordan 11 Spartans PE stands out due to its limited availability, which enhances its desirability among collectors and fans. The shoe's design pays homage to the storied history and spirit of the Michigan State Spartans, blending performance and style in a way that honors the team's legacy. With its combination of exclusivity and connection to collegiate sports heritage, this sneaker not only appeals to die-hard sneaker enthusiasts but also holds a special place for fans of the Spartans, making it a coveted piece of athletic and fashion history.