There is a word in English "Sneaker", the original meaning is "rubber soles shoes", broad sense is "sports shoes." Today, a unique culture of shoes created a group of people who love and collect cheap Jordans shoes, these people are also known as "Sneaker." In Qingdao, there is a post-85 guy is a fanatical "Sneaker", he spent 10 years, collecting more than 100 pairs of Jordan shoes, many of them rare limited edition shoes and Jordan's signature shoes. Recently, he will carry collections in their own car line to do a shoe exhibition.

On the morning of April 14, the reporter arrived at a modified car dealership located in Yinchuan West Road and took to the second floor. At a glance, he was attracted to nearly a hundred pairs of basketball shoes placed on the table and in the display case. Reporter observed that most of these shoes are "Jordan" brand, from "Jordan 1" to "Jordan 20" everything. And the owner of these shoes Xin Yue handsome is busy cloth.

Xin Yue, 28 years old this year, Qingdao is a modified car dealer, but also a fanatical "Sneaker." He started collecting Jordan basketball shoes in 2004 and has collected more than 100 pairs in 10 years. "I was still in junior high school in 2002, because I like Jordan, I really want to buy a pair of very fire when the 'Jordan 12', then do not make money, I was ready to save money to buy. Has been saving for two years, in 2004 I Spent 1300 dollars to buy my first pair of Jordan shoes, "he told reporters," very cherish the shoes, put on after all stretched his legs, for fear of trampling. " After that, he began his own "Sneaker" road, every year will save money to buy several pairs of Jordan shoes, not to wear, only as a collection. "Jordan shoes a total of 23 pairs of Air Jordan, I only collect the first 20 generations, because Jordan had worn the first 20 generations of shoes," he said.

After graduating from college, Xin Yue handsome back to Qingdao venture, during which he used his own money to start a large collection of cheap Jordan shoes. "This is the world's limited edition of pure white 'Jordan 15' shoes, is a friend brought back from the United States, and now to 100,000 yuan I do not sell; This is the three pairs of limited edition signature shoes, is Michael Jordan autographed , Very collection sense ... ... "In the car dealers, Xin Yue handsome introduced to reporters one by one the value of these shoes. It is understood that genuine pure white 'Jordan 15' as a display shoes, the world's limited edition made a pair; and Jordan silver signature pen autographed "Jordan 6" shoes is even more valuable.

Appears in Wyatt handsome, the collection of cheap Air Jordans is actually a collection of feelings, collection of positive energy Jordan never give up. The purpose of his shoe exhibition is also to convey this feeling, while allowing more people to understand the "Sneaker" culture.

Xin Yue reporters the world's limited edition of 1331 pairs of Air Jordans, tongue can be seen from the sign "0315/1331" message.

In order to keep the best shoes, he often care for the shoes.

Cheap Jordan 16, the biggest feature of the shoe can be extracted, but the shape is not as good as Air Jordan 15. There are two and 11 is very similar to the Jordan shoes: Air Jordan 16 is designed by soft plastic and Air Jordan 11 the same transparent bottom and paint, but unlike the Air Jordan 11 makes this design only in the shoes of the head; and the Air Jordan 16 also added a shoe cover, shoe cover is like a wings, represents JUMPMAN. Jordans sale also uses ZOOM AIR cushion, followed by external air, make the shoes comfortable at the same time has the best stability, but the only drawback is the poor quality, easy to produce and paint off the end of violent phenomenon.

Cheap Air Jordan 17, a very distinctive pair of shoes, is designed to be inspired by jazz. In the shoe cover can be seen to represent a symbol of jazz. The shoe also uses the forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion, through the back of blue transparent plastic block, see AIR-SOLE mattress. At the same time, Air Jordan17 also uses a concept Air Jordan 5, which is a transparent plastic buckle a zoom for shoelaces on the tongue. In addition, Air Jordan 17 has a metal box, which is the first time in the history of sports shoes to replace the shoe box with a metal box. There is a computer CD-ROM for each pair of shoes, although the design is conceived, but it is still so many consumers are surprised, February 9, 2002 has just launched the latest Jordan shoes light advertising is the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster, of course it is ridiculously expensive, so many people at $210. NIKE is the highest retail price of a pair of JORDAN shoes. But this shoe is a new shoe that JORDAN returns again. Although the price is a little high, it is still liked by FANS.

Air Jordan 18 is designed by TATE KUERBIS, and the design is inspired by a sports car. In order to design a pair of the most perfect JORDAN shoes, it is also the last pair of cheap Jordan shoes on the field of MICHAEL, which uses a double ZOOM AIR cushion.  The appearance of this shoe is conceived according to a racing car, and this Air Jordan18 also has the difference in the sole: that is the sole pattern is the wave type, brings the great benefit to the player when dribbling suddenly suddenly stops, can reduce the slow motion force. Combined with double ZOOM AIR, it reduces the pressure on the feet when it jumps to the ground and has a better grasp of the ground. The appearance of Air Jordan 18 is very controversial. Some people say that shoes design is very bad. It's hard to see. Some people say that shoes design is advanced, which can embody the design concept of Jordan eighteen -- brevity.

Air Jordan 19 is the most poisonous snake from an African draw on the design concept - this is the Black Mamba, it is the world's fastest and most toxic snake. Cheap Jordans for sale is composed of synthetic leather and special synthetic material uppers, made of special materials with human kinematics full adjustable heel vamp, magnetic buckle, fixing feet better. Wholesale Jordans sale, lightweight PHYLON midsole, full palm built-in ZOOM AIR air cushion, in the palm TPU bearing tray, hard rubber outsole, special pattern. 

Michael Jordan, the mythology on the basketball court, the builder of the Bulls dynasty, and what people call a trapeze, also known as God. Jordan shoes, of course, its influence Needless to say, the price is also the same has been drastic change.

Nike sales in 1984 is not very much in urgent need of the pursuit of change, they found the fledgling Jordan, although Jordan actually wanted to sign up Adidas, but for the sake of the overall situation eventually agreed to Nike's request signed a 5-year 2.5 million US dollars contract, The first signature shoe designed for Jordan is the Air Jordan 1.

Cheap Jordans 1 is based on the Air Force 1 prototype design, removing the bulky Air cushion to the new Air Sole cushion, although people did not like these shoes even considered ugly, more and more color release people gradually discovered Its beauty, black and red forbidden to wear has become a topic of time, do not know has opened the prelude to Jordan shoes dynasty.

The most tide cheap Jordan shoes, Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2 of their own design is not satisfied with Nike quite preconceived he even thought about leaving, cheap Jordans III of success or not as Nike and Jordan can continue to cooperate key factors, Nike to find Well-known designer Tinker Hatfield, when Jordan saw the final shape of the Air Jordan 3, all this unhappiness will have vanished.

Jump-man logo began to be used from cheap real Jordans 3, the previous flying wing logo announced retirement, the perfect use of crack marks for the shoes plus a lot of visibility is the first cushion, Jordan leapt line free throw line is the Air Jordan 3 . Jordan 3 in the entire series status is one of the best, extremely wild features also gradually evolved into a pair of tidal shoes, not a pair of Jordan 3 can not be called influx of people.

90-91 season, Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 6 in the semifinals defeated the "Bad Boy Corps" Detroit Pistons, and in the finals with a total score of 4-1 immediately led the Magic Johnson Lakers won his first career championship , Air Jordan 6 also because of the title of the title of the championship looks different.

This pair of shoes also appeared in the second element, which is "Slam Dunk" quite a favorite shoe store owner, but also Yingmuhuadao excuses the stadium's first pair of boots. A few days ago Air Jordan X Slam Dunk also introduced a special version of the cherry wood boots, have to admit that because of the relationship between cherry trees made this generation is particularly popular.

Patent leather can be linked to basketball shoes, in the nineties must make people feel very crazy, Air Jordan 11 has completed this initiative, while the first use of carbon fiber board, carbon board has a better anti-torsion than the TPU Performance and lighter weight, grimace of carbon legend so many people obsessed that carbon plate later became a symbol of high-end shoes.

Cheap Air Jordan 11 to say how successful, it is known as "the greatest sports shoes in history," in the eyes of European and American black shoes fans, it is supreme and the most beautiful Jordan shoes. Whenever the Air Jordan 11 is on sale, it can set off a reign of terror and even a shoot-out. 

Michael Jordan has the first pair of shoes in NBA, and they have too many stories. The NBA alliance told Jordan and told him: if you continue to play in these shoes, the penalty is $5000 a game. Smart NIKE, of course, can't let go of this good chance! (at that time NIKE was not a sports old man) NIKE gave Jordan a fine and made Jordan feel free to wear it. In this way, the fire of this pair of shoes is unmanageable. The age of signing a signature shoe.

"There is a" slam dunk master set is called "basketball shoes", then Sakuragi spent my entire savings of 30 yen in the shoe store owner forcibly took the shoes! A few horns to buy a limited number of shoes! This can only happen in two body.

JORDAN2 basketball shoes, the design is more able to protect the ankle than the generation! Jordan 1 "wings of basketball" pattern from the upper to the tongue. But the shape can only be poor! In the Air Jordan 1 big red blaze today, cheap Air Jordans 2 often appears in Oteri J and various discount stores! Classic color matching in the hands of shoe dealers, and often can not sell out a good price.

JORDAN3 is the first Jordan shoe that uses the flying man LOGO. It was sold in 1987 and loved by the fans. From then on, Air Jordan's flying man, LOGO, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The first use of the burst pattern was a great success, which was also a major event in the basketball shoes.

Cheap Jordan shoe 4, appeared in 1990, the shape and Jordan's three generation similar. But there's no bad performance. It is better to protect the ankles of the flying people's highness, and the anti rollover has also been upgraded. Classic match with classic color matching, no doubt this pair of shoes is cheap Jordans for sale early peak!  Now a lot of re - Engraved! But all the prices are very expensive! Red paint color engraved in 2016 once, when the price of 1999 yuan, the price did not affect its sales in the streets everywhere someone in the streets! Design 28 years ago on today is still wanted, sufficient to explain its success.

Replica Jordan shoes 5, and Jordan is 4 a year for sale! But it was the first time to use the reflective material! Let the shoes be full of personality. Air Jordan 5 is the fifth positive generation of basketball shoes of the Nike Jordan series. The flame patterns on the upper and the shape of the fighter are very popular. The team won the second best regular season results at that time (55 wins 27 negativity). Jordan is still scoring King (33.6), NBA best lineup and defensive best lineup, and steals the king. The highest single game scoring record of 69 points, then it is this pair of boots on the feet of Jordan!

Popular Japanese cartoonist Takehiko Inoue Jordan will be the 5 generation of boots to master "with" dunk protagonist aura with chuanfeng! It can be seen how the influence was at the time. This pair of shoes takes a lot of advantages and essence in the design of Jordan's 4. First of all, it is the clever use of mesh materials on the upper part. This is the innovative design of Jordan 4, and the designer of cheap Jordan 5 draws lessons from this successful design, which is called icing on the cake.