Cheap Retro Jordans 1 Hi OG uses a leather and suede combination with a good texture. The all-red body has a white Swoosh, a flying wing LOGO and a large bottom, a 9-hole shoelace hole design, and a Nike Air embroidery on the tongue. . The overall sense of luxury is strong and classic elements make it more attractive.

Miami's Christmas game against the Lakers is still in full swing, Jordan Brand exposed Ray Allen's exclusive Air Jordan 16 PE "Christmas" Christmas color. This Air Jordan 16 has a green upper, with an orange-washed midsole and "RAY 34" embroidery on the upper, which shows the identity of the owner.

The black upper is decorated with Air Jordan 3Lab5 "Infrared" with infrared detailing. The materials used of cheap Jordans for sale are well-textured and the dark-coloured shoes are particularly eye-catching under the infrared color. They are low-key and quite dynamic.

The white patent leather upper, Air Jordan 10 GS with black and red details, is a simple and bright overall, with black and red accents.

Cheap Air Jordans XX8 SE dark blue / orange color, the overall use of dark blue shoes body, the details of the eye-catching orange-red dotted.

Gamma Blue Air Jordan 1 Mid "Gamma Blue" uses gamma blue leather and grey suede to form the upper, and the Swoosh body has black suede gamma-blue edges.

Cheap Jordans 10 "Bobcats" of the Lynx color match, the cool grey upper with black midsole, and the detail in orange-red.

The big red cheap Jordan shoes 6 "Toro/Infrared 23", the red upper is very festive, the details are decorated with black, equipped with a blue crystal outsole.

The reprinted version of the Air Jordan 6 "Infrared" features a white leather upper with a red laser midsole, and the outer sole features a blue crystal sole that is the same as the Air Jordan 5.

Anthony's first-generation boots Jordan Melo 1.5 Nuggets were officially released on January 4, 2014. This ten-year-old sneakers was released in 2014 to release a variety of color combinations. Jordan Melo 1.5 was born in 2004. The design was inspired by Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2. The combination of the two created this 1.5-generation sneaker. Not only did Air Jordan's LOGO and Wings sign on the body of the shoe, but Anthony's personal elements were also reflected in the details.

Westbrook wore a white, blue, and red Air Jordan 10 "Christmas" PE on the court. The white upper was matched with a blue midsole and mesh, and the details were red.

Nick Young performed brave in the Christmas War. His shoes were also very special. A white and purple Air Jordan 11 Low White/Purple, purple patent leather with white uppers and midsole, was quite the color of the Lakers.

At the Rise To The Moment held at the Barclays Center, Jordan Brand released a Jordan Melo 1.5 with a black overall color. The black body was fitted with a black outsole. Anthony's nameplate and trapeze logo were embellished with grey. This melon Anthony's first pair of signature boots was born in 2004. The design was inspired by Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2. The designers combined two classic cheap Air Jordan shoes to create this Melo 1.5.

Gamma blue color cheap Air Jordans 11 "Gamma Blue", overall black and blue with embellishment of gold details, using gamma blue crystal outsole. The Air Jordan 11 Series classic drawer shoe box will also be a perfect return.

Air Jordan 6 Infrared, the classic white and red Air Jordan 6 and 4 years ago, are different and different. Let's look at the contrast between the two. The biggest difference between the 2014 edition and the engraved version is the midsole and the big bottom. The laser red in the midsole looks even more pink, and the crystal outsole is also replaced with the blue version.

Air Jordan 3 Lab 5 "Black - Infrared 23" Black and infrared full burst color matching, the classic black and infrared color matching used in the 3 Lab 5 full burst shoe surface, makes this material superior design of outstanding shoes Jordans sale are more eye-catching.

The classic Air Jordan 1 Bred is coming back in December, and cheap Jordans sale will release a suede version of the Air Jordan 1 Mid in January next year. It also uses the classic black and red color scheme. Air Jordan 1 Mid uses black leather and red fur to form the shoe upper, which has a good texture. The classic black and red color must be loved by many fans.

The Bordeaux color matching of Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" is loved by enthusiasts. What would be the effect of this color matching on the Air Jordan 4 shoe type? Dank Customs made this idea a reality. Not only did he use Bordeaux color matching on the uppers, but also included the Air Jordan 7 classic color stitching LOGO on the tongue and insole.

Gamma Blue Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue", overall black and blue, embellished with gold details, shoebox drawer style, using gamma blue crystal outsole.

Cheap Jordans 12 "Taxi" uses a black and white matching upper design, which perfectly displays the Air Jordan 12's unique shoe type, while the golden shoelace buckle is the most eye-catching ornament of this pair of cheap Jordan shoes.

Gamma blue color Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue", overall black and blue with embellishment of gold details, Jordan sale shoes box drawer style.

ShoeZeum's rare collection Air Jordan 4 "Eminem", this release is only the global 50 pairs of shoes is Eminem gave his friend's gift. TheCllctiv custom-made players in the Air Jordan 3 based on the creation of a similar Eminem color, let us look at his wonderful masterpiece.

Cheap Jordans 6 "White Infrared", Michael Jordan's first pair of championship boots, these high-end balloon shoes have many fans. This re-engraved version basically recreates the appearance of the old version, the white upper, with a red midsole, but the difference is that this time with a light blue crystal outsole.

Cheap Retro Jordans 1 "YOTS/Year of The Snake" is a contrast between the raspberry red shoe body and the eye-catching yellow-green laces and the midsole, bringing a strong visual enjoyment with a transparent crystal outsole design. There is also a special LOGO on the insole.

Multi-system configurations have been used on Kobe shoes for a long time. In the Zoom Kobe 7 System era, dual systems were a common application.

The same design was introduced into the era of Kobe 8 System to reflect the specific value of this "System". However, in the current commercial version, only the ordinary Lunarlon insole system, there are a variety of customized systems on the player version of the shoe. The following figure shows the three pairs of insoles configured for this PE version of the Kobe 8 System. In addition to the common Lunarlon insole, there is also the Zoom Air version at the back of the hand and the dual Zoom Air version at the front and rear palms. This is the same as the multi-system insole of the Air Jordan 2012. Similar.

The influence of Atlanta’s Wish Store in the industry is beyond doubt. Jordan Brand specially created a unique version of Air Jordan 3 “Doernbecher” Wish to express thanks and respect.

This special edition of the Air Jordan 3 charity shoe adds Wish elements to the original shoe style. On the outside shoe, there is a dark "Wish" lettering. The right shoe also has a “Wish” type shoelace nameplate, and the corresponding left shoe shoelace nameplate is a portrait of Jordan Brand's famous designer Tinker Hatfield.

This special edition of the charity cheap Jordan shoes only made one.

Jason Mayden, a famous Jordan Brand designer and now a senior global design director, wore Air Jordan 1 LOTS during the Wish Atlanta event.

Cheap Air Jordans 1 LOTS, the overall use of black uppers, toe and Swoosh are made of silver reflective metal material, the effect of the upper foot is very eye-catching.

Customized cheap Jordans for sale shoes from doctor_soles. Based on the Air Jordan 3Lab5 shoe type, the all-black body, the flame pattern in the bottom, and the tongue flying trapeze become golden yellow.

Recently, a rare AIR JORDAN 11 "History of Flight" color shoes appear on eBay. This model version of the AIR JORDAN 11 and Columbia color is very similar to the use of a white patent leather, white midsole and white mesh uppers, the difference is that the trapeze embroidery is also white, and outsole and lining are used Red

JORDAN BRAND Son of Mars continues to release the new color SON. This Knicks color cheap Jordans sale with orange and blue.

Cheap Air Jordans 12 with gold lace buckle popular with shoe fans, white and black shoes body design is also particularly compelling.

Recent news and sales information about AIR JORDAN 5 is really overwhelmed. Just came the news to be on sale AIR JORDAN 5 charity shoes is caused by the noise of the shoe industry. This pair of Doernbecher series of shoes, in addition to the design has something special, material also amazing use of luminous materials, day and night, will become the focus of everyone's eyes.

Michael Jordan's son Marcus Jordan sunk out of his own Legends of The Summer suit! Contains the AIR JORDAN 2, AIR JORDAN 3 a pair of shoes, in addition to AIR JORDAN 1 series of 3 pairs of shoes, a total of 5 pairs of this complete package. As can be seen from the figure, AIR JORDAN 1 LOTS upper with a large 3M reflective material.

More and more celebrities and sneakers exposed AIR JORDAN "Legends of The Summer" in the package of shoes, which means that JORDAN BRAND will soon be on sale this package?

From the very beginning of Justin Timberlake to today's Marcus Jordan, this all-red-colored sneaker is not just eye-catching in color. It is also characterized by its material details. Snakeskin materials and the use of large 3M reflective materials are just as good.

Cheap Retro Jordans 1 OG "Bred" black and red color shoes, has a very heavy history and representation, whether for Nike for Michael Jordan, or for the shoe industry, it has cross-age significance, and this year's complex Engraved also try to restore the details of the first year.

Bulls iconic black and red color, forming the main colors of the entire pair of cheap Jordan shoes. 9 holes shoes, tongue Nike Air words embroidery, soles are Nike Air icon. There is no trailing heel logo, everything is as much as possible to restore its original appearance.

Cheap Jordans 2, the overall use of a common white vamp, black midsole, then dotted with red elements.