Sneaker Con, the largest shoe fair in the United States, entered Asia for the first time and was held at Asia World-Expo near Hong Kong Airport. According to the rough statistics of the organizers, there are about 6,500 people in the audience. Among them, 40% are from Hong Kong, 30% are from mainland China, and the rest are from other parts of Asia.


As long as you pay 233 HKD tickets, you can see the rarest Jordan shoes sale in the shoe ring in the 7 hours of the show. Any one of them will be immediately robbed if you re-sell it; even if you have not applied At the official booth of 1,500 Hong Kong dollars at a table, you can also bring your own collection, like David, sitting in the Trading Pit area for free, and sharing.


Cheap Jordans Shoes fans, or SneakerHeads, have their own communication passwords, skillfully recognizing a pair of cheap Jordans sale and understanding the story behind them is basic homework. On behalf of Beijing's sneaker media Ulsum, Xiao Yunfu came to report on the event. He told Curious Daily: "The Ray Allen player version there is very powerful, and Paul, and the deep blue Nike Zoom Kobe V ' Laker Scoring Title' are all One of One shoes."

“This event is very exciting, the Paris Fashion Week in the industry.” 21-year-old SneakerHead Su Xinyu joined a Taobao store Delong Sports, and he runs a shoe called Beijing-Sneakerhead from the media. "Today, I sold a pair of comets, about 13,000 yuan. An Indonesian, when I was in the morning, I didn't know how to come in. I had a morning with me."

“Iridium Man” refers to Nike's limited-edition NBA player Nate Robinson's custom-made models in 2009. At that time, the retail price was 1,750 yuan, only 80 pairs nationwide, and the resale price has now doubled. Delong Sports' booth has a total of 5 pairs of fluorescent green "Stars", including a pair of Nate Robinson signature versions for display only, "all the bosses received a little bit," Su Xinyu said.

Most Sneakerheads have a story similar to Su Xinyu's entry into the pit – “It turned out to be a Sneakerhead because I started playing basketball when I was at school, and I was exposed to basketball shoes.” Zhang Long, editor of the sneaker media Long7, had this to Curiosity Daily. Describe the relationship between Sneakers: "I think it's a way, like that class, let the housewife get a cake. What does it really teach you to make a cake? Actually it is not, let you know some people."


A small number of them will change from fans and cheap Air Jordans collectors to shoe sellers and shoe media, and often think they are involved in shaping culture.

In recent years, Nike Jordans shoes sale has been exploring the potential of the women's sports market with a small share of consumption, and will promote the women's health campaign as the focus of marketing. In addition to expanding the women's product line and experience store, also launched the online Nike+ running community and daily training club for women's fitness. Under the strategy of focusing on female consumers, the increase in cheap Jordans sale has become a booster for Nike's performance.

However, the cheap Jordans is the most popular label for Nike and the most popular label in the field of sports shoes. It has almost completely ignored the female consumer market in the past 30 years. In an interview with Bloomberg, Nike CEO Mark Parker said that Jordan's customers are basically male, and 95% of sales come from the United States.

Interface news reporters saw on the Nike official website that there are only two options for the "Men" and "Children" in the Jordan channel list. For female consumers, Jordan only offers complementary products such as socks, hats and backpacks.

The cheap Authentic Jordan ignores the female group and is not only reflected in the general consumer market, but also in the professional sports field. Many college basketball teams in the United States have signed an equipment cooperation agreement with Nike, and the male players are wearing the most popular Air Jordan game. However, the choice of the women's team is only Nike basketball shoes, Marquette University and the University of California are typical examples.

At Michael Jordan's alma mater, the University of North Carolina, although the men's and women's teams are wearing the cheap Air Jordans game, the shoes worn by girls are small in men's products. Wearing small size men's shoes, this is also the practice of some ordinary women who love cheap Air Jordans retro.

In fact, the cheap retro Jordans had some small moves in the women's market. At the beginning of this year, the brand launched the Air Jordan sneakers with brown powder and purple and white colors for female friends. These two pairs of elegant and fresh color matching shoes are quite eye-catching and are sought after by many women. In addition, the Jordan brand has also signed the American singer Rihanna as a brand spokesperson. At that time, there was a comment that the move indicates that the Jordan brand will actively expand the female market in 2015.

According to the "American Celebrity List" published by market research firm Marketing Arm, Jordan ranked 11th in the list of favorite males in the United States. In the eyes of American women, Jordan is ranked 7th, and 97% of American women like this basketball legend.

“Jordan’s popularity is so high that no matter what age group of female consumers, they love him as much as their male counterparts,” said Matt Fleming, executive director of marketing at Marketing Arm. This figure of up to 97% has also become an important bargaining chip for the Jordan brand to enter the women's market.

Of course, the cheap Jordans for sale is not without concern – Laura Ries, president of marketing company Ries & Ries, told Bloomberg that the Jordan brand has been loved by male compatriots as a successful male brand, and once it expands the female market, it may lose some male consumption. By.

This brand that occupies half of the US sports shoe market will enter the hearts of women, and many young compatriots are willing to pay for Jordan, and everything is still waiting for the test of the market.

It is estimated that cheap Jordans sale used in the resale market have reached an astonishing $1 billion. Recently, the online trend magazine "High Snobiety" and the sports shoe market data agency Campless collaborated on a statistical report that revealed the top 10 cheap Jordan shoes that were fired the most in the resale market this summer:

Air Jordan 10 Retro Drake OVO

The scarcity and the star effect of Drake have made this pair of leather sneakers a news of high prices, and the price is still as high as $4,050. In the omnipotent Tao bao can also be bought naturally, the price is about 10,000 yuan.

The cheap Retro Jordans 1 Dover Street Market, also from the Nike Air Jordan series, was only sold at Kawakubo's Denver Market.

The Nike Sock Dart, which returned in 2015, is one of the hottest shoes of the summer. The classic black version of the Nike X Fragment Design, which is co-branded with Japanese designer Fujiwara Hiroshi, is hard to find.

Cheap Air Jordans 1 Retro Shattered Backboard

This year is the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 1 and Nike has also re-enacted many classic Air Jordans. The black, white and orange color of the "Shattered Backboard" sole is also printed with broken glass, in order to commemorate the flying man Jordan in a dunk dunk, vigorously to break the glass back of the basket. The shoes are now being fired at $482 and are also popular in the country.

Cheap Jordans 1 Chicago


Another pair of Air Jordan 1 reissue, classic red and white. The fourth generation of "Chicago" released this year is also the most similar version of the first payment in 1985. The foreign second-hand market can be bought for $444, but the shoes are so popular that the same fakes are rampant.

Air Jordan "Champagne and Cigar" series is to commemorate the scene of the basketball Neptune's left-hand cigar and right-handed champagne in the 1992 NBA Finals. In June this year, the replica Air Jordan 7 was released.

Another "Champagne" of the Air Jordan 7 Retro was fired at $344, ranking it at the end of the most expensive pair of shoes.

The results show that the sixth-ranked Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago 2015 is more than $700,000, the most absorbing pair of shoes; the Yeezy Boost is still in second place, and people spend nearly 54 on these shoes. Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

After reading these statistics, you must have discovered that Nike and cheap Jordans for sale almost dominated the list! In fact, the second-hand resale market for sports shoes is almost exclusively for Nike. The fans of sports shoes seem to have no resistance to the “hook” and “flying man” logos. How does this sports brand from Oregon cultivate such a profound culture of believers?

One of the most important factors is that Nike's prediction of the sales of a certain product is too accurate. Campless gave an example: the same Air Jordan V "Oreo" and Air Jordan X "Steel" sneakers were released in 2013 at a market price of $170. The former produced a total of 505,000 pairs, the latter only 151,000 pairs. However, there is no price difference between the two in the reselling market, because more people want to buy the more Oreo, which is more productive. It is exactly the same as Nike’s prediction. The “scarcity” and “availability” are perfectly unified. .

By precisely formulating the output of each model, the sports giant will easily lead to hunger marketing, such as "the yellow cattle lining up to buy shoes all night", "shoe fans claiming to change shoes by car", and "the press will cause riots". It's not hard to understand, cheap Nike Jordans doesn't even need to spend money on advertising, public relations, or promotions.

Designed by legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, the cheap Jordans 3 “Tinker” was once fired to the sky, making many shoe fans crazy. The cheap Air Jordans 6 “Tinker” also released a physical map. 

The cheap Jordan shoes body has a light gray color, and the details of the tongue and the sole are the contrasting blue and red colors. As the first pair of NBA champion shoes in Jordan, the Jumpman in the center of the tongue is very eye-catching. Logo, the plastic lace elastic buckle design not only has a perfect decorative embellishment effect, but also can adjust the tightness of the shoelace. The shoe will be released on October 6th. Many of the small partners thought it was slightly flat when the design was released earlier. Now, more physical details show what do you think? Will these cheap Jordans sale be as popular as the Air Jordan 3 “Tinker”?

The most popular and expensive Jordan shoes sale on the market is the Virgil Abloh X Air Jordan 1 joint shoe that Virgil Abloh and Nike have jointly launched as the creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear! Lin Jinjie, the golden song of the trend-lovers, is also difficult to stop the charm of AJ1. Last year, he wore the classic Chicago Bulls color matching shoes on the IG. In addition, when Jay Chou appeared at the Chanel 2018 autumn and winter fashion show earlier this month, It was found that the foot of Virgil Abolh X Air Jordan 1 white version, so that the topic of heat has risen again. According to py_rates, the source of the famous sneakers, Virgil Abloh will launch the new "University Blue" classic blue and white color combination AJ1 shoes in May this year. Will it be officially sold in Taiwan?

For many fashion fans, joint-name products are not only very appealing, but also suitable for their own use and collection. Relying on the hot-selling Jordan shoes market, many topical  cheap Retro Jordans shoes are priced at 1000 yuan. If you have a little wrist, you can even regard it as an investment. However, for some of the extremely rare shoes that are not sold in Taiwan, in addition to relying on luck to purchase online at the original price, otherwise you have to rely on trendy stores such as Shengri House, INVINCIBLE, JUICE, and even risking the purchase of wholesale Jordans sale

Since the beginning of the 2018 season, the most eye-catching shoe is undoubtedly the founder of Off-White, Virgil Abolh, who has joined hands with Nike to create the NRG-grade (extremely rare) Virgil Abolh X Air Jordan 1 white version. Unlike the previous one based on the classic Chicago Bulls color scheme, this time the entire pair of shoes is whitened only on the reset Swoosh Logo with sky blue, fluorescent orange embroidery thread. Maintaining the consistent deconstruction technique that Virgil Abolh excels, without the edge of the shoe, the different material stitching upper, the iconic printing and the special change of the TAG label to the water blue, the overall vision is fresher and the matching is greatly improved.