From the 12th generation of Jordan, Jordan basketball shoes have become mature in terms of improving the comfort and shock absorption of the foot.

Wholesale Jordan 12: came out in 1996. In order to better protect the ankle, this shoe uses duraback material and natural leather upper in the selection of materials. It was also the first pair of Jordan shoes to use full-length zoom air cushions, and all subsequent Jordan shoes used zoom air. This kind of air cushion has better response speed and shock-absorbing stability, which is beneficial to improve the continuous ability of players to run and bounce. In addition, for the first time, I couldn't find any logo on the Nike logo (excluding Jordan Retro) on Jordan shoes. On the insole, it was replaced with a jumpman logo for the first time.

Wholesale Jordan 13: came out in 1997. At this time, Nike officially separated the Jordan trademark as an independent brand from Nike and established an independent subsidiary. The shoe sole is designed to resemble animal claws, which is very similar to the sole of a cheetah; the upper is combined with leather, synthetic leather and nylon cloth, which reduces weight and improves toughness. The biggest feature is that a holographic radiation icon with basketball, number 23 and trapeze logo is designed on the outside of the shoe upper.

Wholesale Jordan 14: released in 1998, at this time Jordan has retired. This design combines the characteristics of Ferrari and Trapeze. The outer layer of the tongue is turned over and the inner layer is made of flannel, which is more lightweight and comfortable. The pores on the upper have the best effect and are very breathable. The design of low outside and high inside is used for the back help, which is comfortable and safe. The sole draws lessons from the bottom of the tire, and uses a conservative "herringbone" pattern combined with wear-resistant rubber to make the outsole, which has strong friction and grip. In addition, for the first time, shoelaces with metal buckles are used.

Wholesale Jordan 15: came out in 1999. The design of this sneaker is inspired by the F-15 fighter and Jordan himself. The front and rear split zoom Air cushions are used, the front and rear palms are widened, the upper is made of leather and WOVEN woven material, and the reverse tongue design is designed according to Jordan's habit of sticking his tongue out. The heel is printed with a row of 23, 6, 15 The numbers represent Jordan's jersey number, the number of championships and the model of the shoe. At the same time, the trapeze logo and 2.17 (Jordan's birthday) are printed on the sole. The entire pair of shoes is designed with shoe covers to make it easy to put on and take off. AJ15 is a shoe that Jordan hasn't worn since AJ9, but because Jordan wore a reissue of AJ9 in subsequent games, AJ15 is the only pair of Air Jordan series basketball shoes that Jordan has never worn in an official game.

In summary, Our wholesale Jordan basketball shoes from China continue to improve in technology and appearance, not only attracting basketball fans, but also popular among ordinary people.