Jordan basketball shoes have entered the golden heyday since the 9th generation. After the 11th generation was launched, they gradually transitioned to modern basketball shoes and became a watershed between new and old basketball shoes.

Jordan 9: Introduced in 1994, it was the only pair of Jordan shoes that hadn't been worn on the court before Jordan retired for the second time. At this time, Jordan has impressed players all over the world. The 9th generation put the trapeze logo with the earth on the heel design, symbolizing the trapeze flying over the entire earth. The patterns on the soles express the meaning of the world in English, Chinese and Japanese respectively. There is not much innovation in technology: Air sole is still built-in, and the protruding part of the forefoot edge is used to increase stability. It is worth mentioning that Jordan's jersey in the Baseball League was No. 45 at the time. Nike issued a special limited edition of 45 pairs of 9th-generation baseball shoes with "No. 45". These shoes have become sky-high prices. At this point, really entered the golden heyday of Jordan basketball shoes. Since its release, this shoe has been refurbished many times. Jordan 9 has more than 36 color combinations, the most popular are "Bred", "Space Jam" and "Anthracite".

Jordan 10: Launched in 1995. Soon after, Jordan returned to the game. The appearance of this sneaker looks more concise and generous. The trapeze logo has also turned to the sole and heel, and has reduced the proportion of the logo; technically it still continues the characteristics of previous generations, using built-in air cushion, shoelace buckle adopts elastic belt design The belt is still round, and the heel is added with a loop for lifting shoes, which is more attentive in the detail design. It is worth mentioning that Jordan’s honor and special experience from 1985 to 1994 are recorded on the sole.

Jordan 11: Launched in November 1995, it is Jordan's battle boots for the 95-96 season. It has an important position in the Jordan series. It can even be said that the 11th generation is a watershed between new and old basketball shoes. It uses patent leather as the upper material for the first time, and at the same time uses the full palm built-in air cushion technology for the first time, plus the midsole full palm carbon fiber support plate, so that the entire pair of shoes can achieve the best shock absorption effect and reduce the burden on the knees. The outsole of the shoe is made of crystal rubber, and the entire bottom is transparent. It has a strong grip when the surface is clean, but it is easy to oxidize and turn yellow under long-term light. The shoe body is made of mesh fiber material, which greatly reduces the weight of the shoe body and is the lightest one in the Jordan series.

In summary, Jordan basketball shoes have entered a new era.