If one day, "Flying Man" Jordan wants to touch the "Jordan 8" boots that he passed through in the last regular season at the Chicago Stadium in 1993, he may have to resort to a Harbin guy.

The 31-year-old Fan Yunshuo has created a "China's Best". He is currently the collector of the cheap Jordans shoes in the country, ranking the top five among the top international collectors.

He has nearly 100 pairs of NBA top players' sneakers. The so-called "player version" refers to the version of the sneakers that the manufacturer has customized for a certain player. Among them, 15 pairs are Jordan's own, and other sneakers are also very small. At one time, Kobe, James, Owen, Ray Allen and others ran, took off, and shot in the NBA, witnessing the brilliant moments in their careers...

Fan Yunshuo is a Harbin, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia, doing import and export business. More than a month ago, he was invited to participate in a large-scale "shoes culture exhibition" held in Suzhou. On returning home, he brought back 9 pairs of sneakers that Jordan, Kobe, Ray Allen, Owen and others passed through. The Jordan Jordan that Jordan passed in 1985 and the Jordan 6 that passed in 1991 were the first time. Domestic debut.

"At the time of the Suzhou exhibition, there was only a glass cover outside the shoes. We are very worried about these collectors. Fortunately, the organizers asked the security guards to take care of them for 24 hours." On the 14th, when the reporter of the life newspaper saw Fan Yunshuo, he was wearing The white gloves carefully put the baby on the coffee table, and the expressions and movements were quite pious.

Shoe collection fans generally call themselves "shoe heads", which means "people with only shoes in their heads". It is indeed a bit "custom" to talk about the price of this group of "true love powder". After all, these collections are priceless in their hearts. However, Fan Shuoshu also revealed some information to the reporter of Life Daily. "In terms of the current international market, the nine pairs of cheap Jordans sale are estimated to be nearly one million."

Like many "toe caps", Fan Yunshuo is because the NBA is fascinated with sneakers. When he was in high school in 2004, he asked his classmates to buy a pair of commercial versions of "Jordan 19" from the United States. "The shoes are 1600 yuan. I was young and frivolous. I used it to go to school, cement, and now I think about it. Very distressed!" Later he went to study in Australia and successively bought more than 200 pairs of commercially available Jordan shoes. In order to buy "Jordan 4", I used to wear sleeping bags, down jackets and camping chairs, and the wind and rain went to the queue two days in advance.

But he soon discovered that it is not very meaningful to buy cheap Jordan shoes. "Jordan shoes have a new model every week, and then two or three pairs a week, like grab money. Influenced by some foreign collectors, he decided to collect rare players' shoes.

Foreign collection magazines have divided the collection of sneakers into “Top Ten”, including top-of-the-line editions (stars pass by themselves), player editions (new standby), research and development of sample shoes, super limited editions, high-end commercial editions, etc. There are only six or seven people in the famous collectors at the top of the pyramid. When I first arrived, in order to communicate and learn more with the cattle, Fan Yunshuo sent more than 200 messages to a British top shoe sneaker. He finally touched the other party with sincerity and obtained a lot of "collection intelligence."

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