In recent years, Nike Jordans shoes sale has been exploring the potential of the women's sports market with a small share of consumption, and will promote the women's health campaign as the focus of marketing. In addition to expanding the women's product line and experience store, also launched the online Nike+ running community and daily training club for women's fitness. Under the strategy of focusing on female consumers, the increase in cheap Jordans sale has become a booster for Nike's performance.

However, the cheap Jordans is the most popular label for Nike and the most popular label in the field of sports shoes. It has almost completely ignored the female consumer market in the past 30 years. In an interview with Bloomberg, Nike CEO Mark Parker said that Jordan's customers are basically male, and 95% of sales come from the United States.

Interface news reporters saw on the Nike official website that there are only two options for the "Men" and "Children" in the Jordan channel list. For female consumers, Jordan only offers complementary products such as socks, hats and backpacks.

The cheap Authentic Jordan ignores the female group and is not only reflected in the general consumer market, but also in the professional sports field. Many college basketball teams in the United States have signed an equipment cooperation agreement with Nike, and the male players are wearing the most popular Air Jordan game. However, the choice of the women's team is only Nike basketball shoes, Marquette University and the University of California are typical examples.

At Michael Jordan's alma mater, the University of North Carolina, although the men's and women's teams are wearing the cheap Air Jordans game, the shoes worn by girls are small in men's products. Wearing small size men's shoes, this is also the practice of some ordinary women who love cheap Air Jordans retro.

In fact, the cheap retro Jordans had some small moves in the women's market. At the beginning of this year, the brand launched the Air Jordan sneakers with brown powder and purple and white colors for female friends. These two pairs of elegant and fresh color matching shoes are quite eye-catching and are sought after by many women. In addition, the Jordan brand has also signed the American singer Rihanna as a brand spokesperson. At that time, there was a comment that the move indicates that the Jordan brand will actively expand the female market in 2015.

According to the "American Celebrity List" published by market research firm Marketing Arm, Jordan ranked 11th in the list of favorite males in the United States. In the eyes of American women, Jordan is ranked 7th, and 97% of American women like this basketball legend.

“Jordan’s popularity is so high that no matter what age group of female consumers, they love him as much as their male counterparts,” said Matt Fleming, executive director of marketing at Marketing Arm. This figure of up to 97% has also become an important bargaining chip for the Jordan brand to enter the women's market.

Of course, the cheap Jordans for sale is not without concern – Laura Ries, president of marketing company Ries & Ries, told Bloomberg that the Jordan brand has been loved by male compatriots as a successful male brand, and once it expands the female market, it may lose some male consumption. By.

This brand that occupies half of the US sports shoe market will enter the hearts of women, and many young compatriots are willing to pay for Jordan, and everything is still waiting for the test of the market.