Cheap Air Jordans V "Fire Red"

Posted: 1990

Shoes blog in 1990 has not existed, shoe fans was mainly through the league games and peripheral products to get shoes information. You do not have to look carefully you can see the Air Jordan 5 has a huge 23 logo on the shoe body, at that time you will certainly fall in love with this pair of cheap Jordans for sale.

Cheap Jordans IV "White / Cement"

Posted: 1989

Air Jordan 4 white cement has always been a legend, Spike Lee has also specifically ordered his Air Jordan 4 shoes. The Air Jordan family was already a deeply rooted shoe label in 1989, both in the local market and in the U.S. market. Hatfield's second design takes advantage of the new synthetic leather and mesh to make shoes more lightweight, breathable better.

Air Jordan VII "Olympic"

Posted: 1992

Except for a few rare samples and Chicago X PE, the Olympic Air Jordan 7 is the only sneaker with non-23 numbers. This makes him look very charming. When the dream team arrived in Barcelona that time, the ownership of the championship has no suspense, we want to know is, dream team in the end to win how many points. Nike used a lot of red, blue and white in the Air Jordan 7 Olympics, along with silver hues. But the mid-air gold and trapeze LOGO implies the only result of the game - the gold medal.

Cheap Retro Air Jordan XI "Space Jam"

Posted: 2000

Mentioned this shoe we always think of Nick Anderson, in MJ95 and the CCTV finished the game was hit on the side of these articles. We can understand that this is not a good sign, when Anderson put on this shoe, the Bulls lost to the Magic in the playoffs with MJ for the first time. Perhaps the magic color of the shoe is not a good idea. But when he appeared in the 1996 Slam Dunk movie, everything changed. This shoe ushered in the official release in 2000, people have forgotten the doom it brings.

Air Jordan VI "Carmine"

Posted: 1991

Before all the cheap Jordan shoes have not yet been engraved, Carmine Air Jordan 6 is one of the most difficult collection of shoes. I do not know because of fewer sales, or low demand, the market a small number of these amazing shoes. We can not understand why these shoes were not popular at the time, the tone of the deployment is simply perfect, MJ also put on the shoes in the race.

Air Jordan V "Grape"

Posted: 1990

Released in 1990, the color name sounds like "Ice Purple" and "Emerald Purple." This shoe is a miniature early 1990's shoes. Even if Hatfield knows that there is no limit to the design of shoes, this shoe purple shoes with flying LOGO is still too perfect.