"Light Ginger" is a very rare version of life, and appeared in the game too, it is not the most popular 16, but very rare.

Cheap Jordan XV "Black / Red"

Posted: 2000

In 2000, cheap Jordans sale released a pair of Jordan shoes that Keebler Elves crossed. The shoes are inspired by Prada sneakers, XV aircraft and MJ's tongue-in-tongue habit, which Reagles Miller crosses through the pitch.

Cheap Air Jordans Retro III "Mocha"

Posted: 1999

This pair of Air Jordan 3 shoes fans in terms of a surprise, the body with white and added elephant brown. Like 16 ginger, the twin mocha Air Jordan 3 is made of rare material, and the designer decided to use the material after repeated evaluations. Soles with brown hues, this shoe is now very scarce.

Air Jordan XXI "Red Suede"

Posted: 2006

Barking Air Jordan XXI is a red suede shoe designed by Dwayne, Edward. The shoes are inspired by the Bentley Continental GT car, worth $ 180 worth Jordan fans to buy.

Air Jordan 2011 "Black / Neo Lime"

Posted: 2011

Air Jordan 2011 is made of patina leather shoe body, this shoe material makes the shoes look more shiny after the foot. This classic color with a pair of shoes fabric, supplemented by a futuristic green, gives a very stylish catch-up, bringing a new wave of shoes.

Air Jordan Retro VI "Doernbecher"

Released: 2009

Each year the cheap Jordans for sale will launch DB version of the shoes, made a special trip for the sick children. Blue suede shoe body and a very bright outsole so that the DB Air Jordan VI Star shoes in 2009.

Air Jordan XX2 "Black / Red"

Released: 2007

Inspired by the F-22 fighter, the Air Jordan XXII leverages the bionic camouflage color and advanced materials like titanium. MJ also loved the invisible concept of these shoes. This black-red version is the best of all the colors.

Air Jordan XVII +

Posted: 2002

This fancier version of the Air Jordan XVII and the regular version of the Air Jordan VII come in the same configuration with an alligator and heel and brass lace laces added for $ 200.

Air Jordan 2011 "Black / Stealth"

Posted: 2011

Air Jordan 2011 Black Invisible This sudden-out version of the patina leather has been replaced with a textured exclusive material, making this all-black look even more dazzling. Full transparent outsole and white mesh body, and other versions of the same midsole technology.

Air Jordan Retro 1 Patent "Black / Gold"

Posted: 2003

2003 released a lot of cheap Jordan shoes, but this pair of Air Jordan I black gold is your must. The ball-and-wings logo made by the gem is a mistake, but does not prevent the entire pair of shoes from looking very cool.

Cheap Retro Jordan XII "Rising Sun"

Posted: 2003

This Air Jordan 12 inspired by the Japanese flag, full white shoes full of small holes make people think more of the Japanese flag. In contrast with the early days, the heel of shoes was black and red wrapped. Even if the details of the shoe body does not make people think of sunrise, insoles patterns will also be vividly demonstrated this idea came out.