Cheap Jordan 16, the biggest feature of the shoe can be extracted, but the shape is not as good as Air Jordan 15. There are two and 11 is very similar to the Jordan shoes: Air Jordan 16 is designed by soft plastic and Air Jordan 11 the same transparent bottom and paint, but unlike the Air Jordan 11 makes this design only in the shoes of the head; and the Air Jordan 16 also added a shoe cover, shoe cover is like a wings, represents JUMPMAN. Jordans sale also uses ZOOM AIR cushion, followed by external air, make the shoes comfortable at the same time has the best stability, but the only drawback is the poor quality, easy to produce and paint off the end of violent phenomenon.

Cheap Air Jordan 17, a very distinctive pair of shoes, is designed to be inspired by jazz. In the shoe cover can be seen to represent a symbol of jazz. The shoe also uses the forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion, through the back of blue transparent plastic block, see AIR-SOLE mattress. At the same time, Air Jordan17 also uses a concept Air Jordan 5, which is a transparent plastic buckle a zoom for shoelaces on the tongue. In addition, Air Jordan 17 has a metal box, which is the first time in the history of sports shoes to replace the shoe box with a metal box. There is a computer CD-ROM for each pair of shoes, although the design is conceived, but it is still so many consumers are surprised, February 9, 2002 has just launched the latest Jordan shoes light advertising is the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster, of course it is ridiculously expensive, so many people at $210. NIKE is the highest retail price of a pair of JORDAN shoes. But this shoe is a new shoe that JORDAN returns again. Although the price is a little high, it is still liked by FANS.

Air Jordan 18 is designed by TATE KUERBIS, and the design is inspired by a sports car. In order to design a pair of the most perfect JORDAN shoes, it is also the last pair of cheap Jordan shoes on the field of MICHAEL, which uses a double ZOOM AIR cushion.  The appearance of this shoe is conceived according to a racing car, and this Air Jordan18 also has the difference in the sole: that is the sole pattern is the wave type, brings the great benefit to the player when dribbling suddenly suddenly stops, can reduce the slow motion force. Combined with double ZOOM AIR, it reduces the pressure on the feet when it jumps to the ground and has a better grasp of the ground. The appearance of Air Jordan 18 is very controversial. Some people say that shoes design is very bad. It's hard to see. Some people say that shoes design is advanced, which can embody the design concept of Jordan eighteen -- brevity.

Air Jordan 19 is the most poisonous snake from an African draw on the design concept - this is the Black Mamba, it is the world's fastest and most toxic snake. Cheap Jordans for sale is composed of synthetic leather and special synthetic material uppers, made of special materials with human kinematics full adjustable heel vamp, magnetic buckle, fixing feet better. Wholesale Jordans sale, lightweight PHYLON midsole, full palm built-in ZOOM AIR air cushion, in the palm TPU bearing tray, hard rubber outsole, special pattern.