Michael Jordan career achievements, Jordan Brand set up Michael Jordan Day, and in particular to create Air Jordan Collection website, led the majority of shoe fans review the classic Air Jordan basketball shoes from 1985 to 2017 launch of the classic design, including Behind the design story, visual advertising, the first year of color, engraved version, and even hidden versions of Sample and PE design never met, which is an unparalleled visual feast.

Although cheap Jordans for sale launched Air Jordan 1 Flyknit brand new model does not cause much turmoil in the shoes market, but Jordan Brand still will not stop its own generation of its own model "fly-off" process. A few days ago there is news that in the upcoming 2018, cheap retro Jordans will reshape another popular Air Jordan 3, launched Flyknit version.

Today to introduce this pair of shoes, from Nike recently launched Air Jordan 13 "love and respect" shoes. Jordan's love of basketball, are covered in this pair of Air Jordan 13 inside.

Speaking of these shoes, the story behind quite moving. The reason for the name Love & Respect is actually related to a letter written by Michael Jordan in 2003 when Michael Jordan retired from the Washington Wizards because of his love for basketball, A "letter to basketball," published in the New York Times. Love & Respect throughout the letter, Jordan team designers also draw the "love and respect" this theme, launched in October 1 this year, Greater China unique "Love & Respect" series, to convey the brand for basketball, shoes , Love of life, and encourage young consumers to bravely pursue love, express love, feel love.

"I know, I love you more than one person.

Before me, too many people pursue you,

In the future will be the case, you will always be adored.

However, I am convinced that what I have with you is unique.

So, even if our relationship will change again

Just like all relationships

- But one thing is certain: I love you, basketball.

I love everything about you and will be forever.

My NBA player career has drawn a full stop,

But the bond between us will never end.

My deepest love and respect to you "

- Your Michael Jordan

After reading this poem, you love to play basketball, is not also a lot of feeling, "Love & Respect" as the main elements of this series of performance, the designer of the shoe through the "Love & Respect" the words deformation design and add Reflective coating effect, so that "Love & Respect" the spirit of the product has been uniquely reflected.

In addition to the upper, the shoebox in the liner and insoles of cheap Air Jordans, also added "Love & Respect" deformation design the words pattern.