Air Jordan 1, "Chicago", is undoubtedly the most popular shoe of the year. The Chicago bulls and white color black red dress was charming, many fans in the Jordan, Air Jordan 1 is the first pair of Jordan shoes was 30th anniversary on the occasion, the engraved return to nature is not neglect. Cheap Jordan is also under the foot work, will be a very good Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High "Chicago" in front of us, in addition to the selection of high quality leather, authentic details will be the perfect 100% year dress image reproduction.

The classic bulls white black red color rendering, Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High "Chicago", the selection of quality leather, white black red classic dress a sports activity, the 100% year presents details, either visual or the bearing of the glorious history, into a reason for starting this new Discount Retro Jordans.

Today brings history 4 Air Jordan 1 "compared with a real Chicago", the first year of the 100% OG engraved, engraved is after 1994, once again on stage, compared with the 2012 the most modern version of this year's version of 1985 is almost a replica of the version.

This year's most popular sneaker replica, the upcoming bull white, black and red color Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High "Chicago" abnormal hot. Already super high popularity, coupled with not much cargo volume, so that the sale of this shoe has been a special case.

It is expected that thousands of pairs will be sold in China, far from meeting the needs of many enthusiastic fans. Before Taobao released business sale, the price of more than 2000, the follow-up volume to clear and popularity has become increasingly popular, let shoes market expectations are rising, many small businesses found that the pre-sale price did not get the goods, and many have a stable source of businesses are found to have greater profit margins.

This has led to numerous pre-sale cancellation. Now many big sellers in Taobao has no pre-sale links, because this pair of Jordans for sale made clear the price, and the volume is small, there is no meaning to return the funds in advance, so as to look at the market to do pricing and delivery of goods, more secure.

For small sellers, the goods do not sell first, small volume heighten popularity, the market is simply not controllable, higher risk, will again appear, a large area of pre-sale was canceled, it is difficult to predict.

For a lot of firm willed to start with small partners, it is recommended to further firm ideas, as soon as possible. For your true love, this Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" is definitely worth having, without too much hesitation.

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